My Dell Purchase

  Bapou 16:54 12 Mar 2010

After much huffing and puffing earlier this week, I finally decided to buy the Dell ST2410 24" Monitor instead of an LG.

phoned Dell at 4pm Wednesday to place the order, website said delivery 2-3 weeks,I can live with that, Dell man said Wed. 17th March. better still.

It arrived at 8.20 this morning, hadn't even had me breakfast.

How's that for service?

Thought it would make a nice change for someone to express appreciation instead of complaining.

Have not made any adjustments yet, even on factory settings, it's a cracker.

Well done Dell!

  onthelimit 17:17 12 Mar 2010

It seems a shame that the website those who took your order were completely unaware of what the true time scale was - could have lost them money if someone was in a hurry.

  Forum Editor 17:19 12 Mar 2010

It's excellent, thanks for letting us know about it. As you say, it's always good to hear about good service - we certainly hear enough about bad experiences.

  rdave13 23:32 12 Mar 2010

Delivered on 12th March when stated to be Delivered on the 17th March.
Hmm. Seems the company's left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
Will be a company I'll stay well away from.
Thanks Bapou for the warning.

  Forum Editor 08:09 13 Mar 2010

I assume that you intended that as a humorous remark?

  Awshum 08:33 13 Mar 2010

He has a point FE, the website and the human didn't have an accurate time scale for delivery.

I'd have had to arrange a day at home to wait for delivery on the 17th which would have messed up my working week. And then only for them to send it on the 12th which I'd have probably missed I'm glad Bapou was both pleasantly surprised and happy but I wouldn't have been.

  Input Overload 09:10 13 Mar 2010

There are no such things as 'Good Luck' & 'Bad Luck' that people seem to have throughout their lives. There are however 'Negative' & 'Positive' people. Some people will see the bad side of anything & others will see the good side of a situationm. This thread is a perfect example of that.

Bapou I hope you are happy with your monitor, thanks for sharing a good outcome.

  onthelimit 10:23 13 Mar 2010

..although the delivery time was fantastic, the customer service was appalling. I have found many other companies who are far more accurate (often to the exact day)with their delivery estimates - those are the ones I will continue to use.

  Forum Editor 10:35 13 Mar 2010

On the one hand a company is castigated if it takes a long time to deliver something, and here we see a company getting the same treatment because it fulfilled an order earlier than expected.

Bapou seems pretty pleased with the Dell service, so let's respect that, and stop nitpicking for goodness sake.

  oldbeefer3 14:53 13 Mar 2010

I'm not sure that's true - I had to wait 3 mths for a new Mini as the factory was inundated with orders. I accepted that and made plans for that period. Car was delivered to me on the exact day promised. Quite happy. On the other hand, having arranged time off work to receive a delivery from XXXX, was miffed to come home a week earlier to find a delivery had been attempted and I had to drive miles to collect it. This sort of planning is not rocket science and a company as big as Dell should be able to get it right. However,as FE you no doubt know more than us mere mortals, so I shall 'nitpick' no longer!

  rdave13 16:48 13 Mar 2010

I'm also pleased that Bapou was more than happy with the delivery service. It does make a change that something was delivered earlier than promised.
Unfortunately for me I have to arrange a day off work a fortnight in advance. So I would have missed the delivery.
Possibly it would have been better if the company had sent an email to ask if it was convenient to deliver earlier than the date agreed on.

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