My Custom Built PC System from Quick I.T. in Nottingham

  vinny79 14:38 13 Apr 2012

I recently purchased my gaming rig from Quick I.T. in Nottingham. These guys are a relatively new computer shop specializing in all types of computer, laptop repairs and custom built pc systems. I came across these guys when I took my laptop in for a replacement screen. At the time I was looking for a new Gaming Rig, and they had a 3D demo Gaming package out on display. After spending a good hour on battlefield, I decided my search was over, I was going to buy my rig from these guys. I basically told them what I wanted it for, and how much I had to spend and with in 15-20 mins I had a spec which I was very, very pleased with. They ordered the parts in that day (Tuesday) and I collected it Friday evening. These guys are fantastic, had my rig since the 30th march and up to yet no problems. I highly recommend these guys, their prices are competitive, and they only use branded components. Great quality for a fantastic price! Very happy chap :)

  birdface 15:17 13 Apr 2012

Nice of you just to join the Forum just to let us know of your good experience in buying a new computer.

Is this the only Forum that you have used or have you signed into other Forums as well.

  Starfox 18:30 13 Apr 2012

Does seem suspiciously like advertising.

  Flak999 21:31 13 Apr 2012

yes, a bit like the deleted thread in speakers corner regarding SSD's the spammers are obviously trying to play it clever!

  vinny79 11:42 17 Apr 2012

Are forums not designed to share the good experience 'we' as buyers have with companies? or are they just for people to complain and winge about often pointless things? These guys are relativily new in town.. I just thought i would give them a good right up on a popular computer tech forum, maybe help them out a little spreading there name and share my 'good' experience with them.

I first came across PCA when i was originally looking for a gaming pc.. never actually posted or used any other forum other than general research.

  spuds 13:01 17 Apr 2012


Over the years it as become a known fact that some new members only seem to post once on entering the PCA website, and that is usually for free wider field advertising purposes, hence the remarks given by other regular forum members.

At the top of the page is a link to 'View Forum Rules'. It might be worth your while to check this out, so no future misunderstandings occur?.

  HondaMan 14:16 17 Apr 2012

Is there any evidence or proof that the OP is connected to Quick IT?

Reading this topic "as is" makes us seem a very suspicious and mis-trusting lot

  Forum Editor 22:42 17 Apr 2012

I imagine that what makes people a little suspicious is the sentence in your original post that runs: "These guys are a relatively new computer shop specializing in all types of computer, laptop repairs and custom built pc systems."

It reads very much like an advertisement - not something that the average person might say about a shop.

Let's leave things as they are on this occasion; life's too short to be jumping at every shadow.

  vinny79 10:49 19 Apr 2012

Ok I see how it looks, I just thought id let people know what they do... They are really good guys, and thought id help them out a bit... And repay the favor with a good review for them.

I am really happy with the service from them, and that’s that. I would definitely recommend them and will continue using them.

  ray7 20:13 24 Apr 2012

There is no evidence to suggest that this is not a genuine post, although it seems peculiar to me that the 'shop' according to google street scene, appears to be a private residence. Tread carefully.

  Forum Editor 19:18 27 Apr 2012

"They are really good guys, and thought id help them out a bit"

Absolutely nothing wrong with that - it's what Consumerwatch is for.

We get avalanches of commercial promotion spam posts in our forum, and over the years some forum members have developed a sixth sense - they spot a spam post in seconds. The sixth sense, like all other senses, lets us down sometimes however, and we get it wrong. Thanks for the positive feedback about your supplier - it's always good to hear good news.

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