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My BT Broadband contract expiry date

  lion4253 15:24 16 Mar 2020

I've spent a good while trolling the BT web site, "My BT", wanting information about when my Broadband contract expires. I can't find any answer to this question. Plenty of info regarding up-dating etc - but nothing about an expiry date! I don't necessarily want to leave BT. I just want to know the end date of my current contract! I'd appreciate any guidance!

  Govan1x 18:26 16 Mar 2020

Think you have to log on to the BT website I assume that you may have done that when ordering from BT.Not sure if this is helpful or you have already tried it.

Log into the MyBT account portal. Select "My Orders" from the Support menu. Select your current broadband contract and select "Show contract terms"'. Your contract details should be listed under Contract Terms.

  lion4253 12:54 17 Mar 2020

Thanks Govan1x for your help! I've tried to follow the steps you have outlined, and I'm sure the answer lies in what you've said - but I'm no further forward with BT. I'm just taken round in circles to no effect! I'll try again later, when I have more time and patience!!

  HondaMan 11:13 18 Mar 2020

I thought that they had to advise you of that date in the regulations under which they are supposed to work. Try sending them an email and asking when your contract expires. I know mine with Plusnet expires on 20th August as it's clearly shown on the "my account" page

  iscanut 11:12 26 Mar 2020

Honda Man is correct. All suppliers now have to contact customers BEFORE contracts expire. If you do make contact, remind them of this change to the regulations.

  lion4253 14:06 26 Mar 2020

Thanks folks! I'll try to contact BT again and get the expiry date! I appreciate all your advice and help! Hope you all keep safe!

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