my brand new mesh is dead again

  jackieuk 10:35 07 Aug 2003

hi all,you may remember my a couple of weeks ago i got my brand new mesh computer,and it was not working out of the box,so off it goes back to mesh and after a few days its back,and now its working,and guess what 1 week later just after mesh close for the weekend,the bloody thing stopped working,now i had to wait to monday,monday comes,after trying to sort it out with the tech guys help,they say its a hardwere fault and has to go back to mesh (today i hope)i will let you know how things go,the one thing i do wonder about is why does the computer have to go back to mesh when it has 3yrs onsite with it,thanks jackie xxx

  -pops- 10:53 07 Aug 2003

I am sure you are within your rights to reject this machine - I know I would!!

Hi Jackie and I am sorry to hear of your problems (Again).

I am afraid the devil is in the detail as far as the three year on site warranty goes - I am sure a careful read of the terms & Conditions will reveal that a "diagnosis" will first be done on the phone and then if a fault is identified as hardware it may be returned back to base. This to me is slightly ridiculous as once the fault is identified, an engineer could be dispatched with the relevant parts to fit saving an enourmous amount of wasted time on your part.

Still, collection and delivery by courrier is far cheaper for Mesh than sending an engineer out at god knows what per hour!

  961 11:21 07 Aug 2003

Reject it.

If you have on finance advise the finance company by reg post

If you bought it by credit card advise credit card co

  jackieuk 14:56 07 Aug 2003

well my MESH is now on its way back to mesh like a homing computer,im also now on first name turns with the guy that picked it up,lets hope this all gets sorted out asap,i did email the guys at mesh response,but up to now they have not got back to me...jackie xxx.

  CraigC 16:48 07 Aug 2003

Good luck Jackie,

I am really confussed as I just bought a Mesh Computer and the sales guy said they will always come out to fix it, that what on site maintenance means. He repeated "always" again.

I really wish you luck and hope they compensate you for the bother!


  CraigC 10:41 08 Aug 2003

Hi Seekit,

well I still haven't got the agreement through the post, but thank for reminding me to check it. Will get my magnifying glass out and check the small print :-0

Jackie, did Mesh resolve your problem?

Kind Regards

  flyone 11:02 08 Aug 2003

Hello jackieuk,
You have my deepest sympathy. I had the same problem two years ago and still remember the anger I felt after reading all the wonderful sales chat about customer care etc, especially when my cry of outrage was met with indifference, and DOA or Dead on Arrival appeared to the person I spoke to, nothing out of the ordinary. I will add that the computer has been relatively trouble free since that first appalling introduction. On the basis of that sad initiation, I shall not buy another Mesh computer. I can only add the pain does diminish with time. Good luck. Bill

  dac2000_uk 12:21 08 Aug 2003

I was thinking about buying a new computer and was considering a Mesh!!! Should I be put off by this?

  -pops- 12:40 08 Aug 2003

Mesh sell loads of computers and very few of them go wrong. The number of complaints on here do not represent the majority of machines any more than the proportion of drunks in a pub at 10.30 on a Saturday night represent the population at large.

The problem with Mesh seem to have is that when they mess up they do it VERY big time. Not helped by their seemingly laisse faire attitude towards their customers when something does go wrong.

  jackieuk 14:11 08 Aug 2003

hi,i still have not been contacted by anyone from mesh,i have sent a few email but up to now they have not taken the time to get back to me,i will have to wait to they get round to me,but im looking at another weekend without a computer and who knows when this will be sorted out,i will keep you posted...jackie xxx.

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