My Aldi Failure

  teb501 18:10 07 Jan 2010

Hi all,

I excitedly took a trip to Aldi today to buy the new Medion. I've previously heard great stories about Medion PCs.

Disappointingly, they'd sold out. This was the same day they'd been released. I phoned up the office number they gave in store only to be told that all of the PCs have sold out in the south. They reckon it'll be 3 months before the next medion deal

I've been saving up (conveniently) around £350 for a base unit for some time. I've already got a great monitor, wireless keyboard/mouse set. I want a decent machine for producing music on (I have an external sound interface already) and playing a few games, though I don't need anything silly powerful. I just like good value for money!

Sorry to jump on the forums straight with a question, but I can't find a base unit anywhere near as good for a similar price. Do you guys have any similar recommendations from reliable sources? Happy to order off the net, happy to go to a shop / whatever...

  GaT7 19:25 07 Jan 2010

This will be suitable I think - a Medion Akoya P3 Desktop PC for £280 at Tesco click here.

It'll need a better graphics card though. A GT240 for ~£55-70 will be suitable & not require a PSU change. Related links/discussion are in this thread click here. G

  GaT7 19:34 07 Jan 2010

Apologies, I couldn't find any info on the motherboard installed & consequently whether the required type of graphics slot (PCI-E) for the suggested upgrade is present or not. You could get in touch with Medion to enquire about this click here.

More Medion PCs at their online shop click here.

There are good deals at eBuyer as well click here. If you see something you fancy, post the links here & we'll check to see if they're any good or not. G

  teb501 22:42 07 Jan 2010

thanks a lot crossbow, appreciated... i'm in a bit of a quandry now. all the stats are starting to confuse

here are the most suitable (in my unknowning eyes) on ebuyer:

click here

click here

click here

my concern with the zoostorm pc's are the lack of graphics card. looks like i'm going to have to sacrifice something (compared to the medion at aldi) if i want to stick with the £350 region. still, i'm sure i can pick up a very good machine

  michaelw 09:12 08 Jan 2010

With Aldi and Lidl you have to queue up before they open on the day of good bargains otherwise they get snapped up within the first half an hour.

  natdoor 12:10 08 Jan 2010

That used to be case for PCs some years ago. Recently our local Aldi has had PCs lying around for weeks, evetually being discounted.
I suppose the market had saturated but e may now be seeing quite a lot of people replacing old machines.

  GaT7 17:52 08 Jan 2010

You're right that none of the eBuyer PC's you linked to will be suitable for any sort of games, other than Windows' own, as all have integrated graphics. But you could buy a graphics card (GPU) separately & fit it in.

What GPU to go for would really depend on the games you'll be playing, their settings & screen resolution. Lattermost will depend on the size of your monitor. So let us know these details - the games & your monitor make + model. G

  amonra 20:41 08 Jan 2010

Just as a matter of interest, I spoke to a friend who works at the local Aldi store and asked him how many computers did they have in on Thursday ?
Answer, three !!! One for a member of staff and the other 2 went in the first few minutes. Good publicity stunt. Good value though.

  teb501 21:40 08 Jan 2010

two more copmuters to feast your eyes on:

click here

click here

the first is possibly the best. i like these because at least i can pick them up rather than have them delivered. clearly they are lacking for graphics, but i think i'm going to take your advice and buy a graphics card.

i have a HD tv that i plan to use as my monitor. it's a samsung 26" screen (LE26A456). one game i would particularly like is the new call of duty (if it'll work) .

  GaT7 22:09 08 Jan 2010

I have feasted.

The second (Advent) is actually better as it has a quad-core CPU.

So the overall cost is going to be ~£425 with the GT240 graphics card? This one click here has a better graphics card for less (£385), but Vista instead of Win7.

If you mean CoD5, then this performance click here & click here is what you can expect with a GT240. But as the systems used in those reviews are a lot better, you probably will have to decrease some of the 'eye candy' (gamers talk for higher settings). G

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