my Acer 5044 Laptop

  Yogie 15:41 21 Feb 2007

I bought 5 month ago an Acer laptop 5044 in Bang Kok , because I live in Thailand (i'm a european)..I tried to upgrade my 'OS XP Pro'but I have been notified by Microsoft that it is a fake and I had problems from that time..when I bought the laptop I have ask for a genuine OS and the salesperson said it is..then I have written to Acer 3 times also to Acer headoffice in Thailand and complaint answer after a few month..I know the most People in Thailand have a copy , but I travel a lot and don't want any problem anywhere ,but I want the real one..just a warning from me about ACER SERVICE ..I wanted to upgrade my laptop to a 17inch, but not an Acer again..I think I am better off with a Mac Book and no problem also with windows anymore.. last word..if someone from Acer read this you should be ashamed about your company..

  Kate B 16:33 21 Feb 2007

I'd be careful with this kind of allegation - I very much doubt Acer sells laptops with dodgy copies of Windows. I'd be more inclined to suspect the vendor of the machine, which if you bought it one of those faintly dodgy shops in Bangkok, is much more likely to be the source of the pirated OS.

Talk to Microsoft, who will I believe help you sort out a legal licence key.

  Yogie 16:37 21 Feb 2007

thank Kate B, but I did explaint to microsoft and never got an answer..not from anyone, Acer should give me a key or a new OS...

  Kate B 16:59 21 Feb 2007

No, it's not up to Acer. Go back to the retailer that sold you the laptop. The problem almost certainly originates there. And try MS again.

  Yogie 10:05 22 Feb 2007

in my opinion Acer is responsible as also other software have been missing and I had to download myself from the internet...Thailand is not like England where you protected from such things..I'm in business myself and would not treat my customer the way Acer did with me , no answer ect..could offer me a key or send me the disc but nothing , I'm sorry no good service ..

  Kate B 20:13 22 Feb 2007

I'll say this once more and then I'll stop wasting my breath. Your problem is with the person who sold you the laptop - I would lay money on the problem arising there. I know Bangkok isn't like the UK. Was it a suspiciously good bargain? You of all people should know that caveat emptor applies even more in Bangkok than it does in London.

  wee eddie 20:58 22 Feb 2007

It could, very easily, be a complete rip off.

  Totally-braindead 21:04 22 Feb 2007

I'm afraid I have to agree with Kate B. If it was an original from the factory Acer laptop it would have all the bits and pieces on it that you said you had to download. Therefore the shop owner or whoever he got it from has put a dodgy copy on it.
It isn't Acers problem I'm afraid. Assumming it is a proper Acer you have and not a copy the software would have been preinstalled by Acer. If its not a legal copy then someone else has been at it and loaded the dodgy copy.
I cannot see how Acer can be held accountable for that, you will have to see the shop where you got it I'm afraid.

  spuds 00:31 23 Feb 2007

Acer or Microsoft have no responsibilty for resolving this matter. Your complaint should be directed to the vendor who sold you the laptop and o/s in the first place.

How did you find out about the o/s being a fake, was this through Microsoft's on-line validity check. If so, then you may find that you might have a genuine copy, and the validity check was wrong. A number of genuine copies have been mistaken as counterfeit.

  Yogie 04:34 23 Feb 2007

Kate B.
it was not a bargain , I paid the normaol price advertised by Acer and I checked on there website to..but thanks for your advise

  Yogie 04:39 23 Feb 2007

I find out through Microsoft's on-line vality check. I 'v send a mail to Microsoft but no responds ..I think I leave it and move on with something else..

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