Music Production PC help please

  radders171 19:21 09 Oct 2013

Hi All

I hope someone more knowledgeable than me on PC's can help me. I've been setting up my home studio over a year or so with music hardware and also a Digital Audio Workstation with a lot of Virtual Software instruments and effects.

I have been using my 5/6 year old Sony Vaio FW21M as the computer power for music recording / production but in all seriousness, this is now the weak link and needs upgrading. I will probably go for a PC (maybe small form factor such as the Chillblast Cube or such like) as you get far more power for your money and portability isn't needed (very often).

My problem is not understanding how much power I actually need / how much and type of memory / which memory to use for the different elements of a music project, and basically what makes a PC a good music PC. I would like to be able to record as many tracks as I want to (100's if need be) using a mix of audio and software / midi without any pops / clicks or having to 'render' individual tracks to audio to save on CPU processing power. I also want to have enough memory to store all my sample libraries (I currently have 750Gb memory which I've just filled). The more accurate sample libraries get, the more space they take.

I know there are specialist systems on the market (SCAN, Rain etc etc) and Chillblast have a config geared towards music production.

I wondered if I actually need to spend £1000k + or if a £500 system will be more than enough. My lack of understanding on this means I struggle to identify what the best and also best value systems are for me.

Ideally I don't want to have to replace this in the next 5 years. It will also need to be very quiet (in the studio) and I imagine that means having enough cooling.

Can someone please help? I also don't understand what processors are best for music production and why..

Thanks in advance.


  martd7 21:41 09 Oct 2013

A music pc is exactly that geared towards producing pro results,im sure you know yourself in music the faster the processor and the larger the capacity the hard drive allows you more freedom without the audio pops and clicks plus of course they tend to have high end midi cards or audio cards and dual head graphics cards to display your work over 2 monitors

Ive always found this company are very knowledgeable

click here

  radders171 22:22 09 Oct 2013

Hi Mart

Many thanks for the reply. I'd seen them before in SoS but never properly looked into them. Looks very impressive. Looking like I do need to spend that much then :-S



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