music download sites ...All the same?

  SteveD73 20:36 14 May 2004

Think this belongs here rather than the other forum......Have had a look at previous postings and not been able to find an answer so apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere. My question is that as OD2 run all of the LEGAL music download sites in the UK, does this mean that all of these sites such as Coke, freeserve msn and HMV offer exactly the same tracks, all via OD2? Is it just a case of finding the best offer from the above mentioned and going with them? I only ask as a search for a well known group that's had 12 or more albums returns only 1 identical result on each of these sites....leads me to believe they all offer identical tracks....Anyone?

  kinger 16:11 15 May 2004

I found the same thing SteveD73. I was looking for a particular album which wouldn't download from MyCokeMusic and it wouldn't download from any other OD2 site either.

On checking out other titles they all featured the same CD's with some sites not featuring so many. Maybe they have to pay for certain sections of the library available or something.

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