Multivision - What should I check when it arrives?

  Frosty120 20:27 11 Sep 2003

I ordered a Multivison Ionix 56ND with a Pinnacle Video capture card and a motherboard upgraded to RAID last friday after reading good reviews on the product and other systems from the company in the last 3 issues of PC advisor (and after comparing systems myself for the past 7 weeks). However, I never thought to check the forums untill today and I've found that a few people have had very bad experiences with the company and I am worried that perhaps I to will experience problems.
If there are any Multivison owners who have experienced problems, could you please tell me what things to check before the courior leaves (or my 14 day period expires).
I'm quite concerned by the disscussions I have read and am looking for some reassurance!

  leo49 20:43 11 Sep 2003

You'll be lucky to find a courier who'll hang around while you unpack everything - make sure you sign for the correct number of packages and write on the docket "unchecked".

Enjoy your new system.


  wags 20:52 11 Sep 2003

Do as Leo 49 advises when signing the docket. Do not worry about problems that havent yet arisen.

You will generally only hear of problems on this forum and any manufacturer who consistently produces malfunctioning sysytems will not be in business for long! The odds are that it will be fine. As Leo 49 says , enjoy your new system.

  phoenix_one 21:38 11 Sep 2003

When u sign for your pc u should check its in the box =)

Really though checklist:

All software provided

Discs. Licenses

Correct Hardware


Heatsink fitted properly before u turn on

Check correct HDD capacity

Check drivers are errors in device manager

Run PC for a while and check it does wot it should and enjoy ur new pc

  kced 23:00 11 Sep 2003

To sign for goods unchecked means absolutely nothing and has no legal standing. If any of the boxes are damaged in any way then sign as damaged. You can sign "condition of contents unknown" even if the boxes are in good condition but the most important thing is the condition of the boxes. Again check for origanal seals and if there is different tape on the boxes then sign "resealed" I've just recieved my Ionix about a month ago and it is great, fast and smart and the sound is out of this world. Good luck with your computer.

  Frosty120 10:38 12 Sep 2003

Thanks guys, I feel a lot better now. I'll check those things when it arrives and I'll sign 'condition of contents unknown'.

  Dan 11:03 12 Sep 2003

I've had a Multivision system for a year or so and am pretty pleased with it... (you just knew there'd be a "but" )

For some reason they tend to stick documents relating to the system on the restore section of the hard drive which is not the most obvious place to look.

My only other fault is something you wouldn't spot if you didn't look for it. I ordered an upgrade to include sound insulation but noted when I opened the system for something else that it wasn't there. It wasn't enough to send the system back (who knew how long That would take), so I've left it. But it does kind of suggest that you check the little things you asked and paid for.

  lozparry 18:06 14 Sep 2003

I found on my Multivision i recieved last month several faults inside, loose harddrive, ribbon cable torn, 20 pin connector diconnected. It was a good job i did this before starting it. Make sure you have the correct software and cables. My AV software never came and the DVI cable was missing! That said the systems good and i like it. Mine also had the wrong graphics card, a 5600 instead of the 5200 stated but i dont mind that. good luck.

  Frosty120 23:03 27 Oct 2003

well, my computer arrived after a month, minus the monitor which was delayed. On inspectoion however, I noticed that the blue neon strip was not attached properly, small problem, but none-the-less still a problem. Then, i dropped the side panel down to notice a slightly bigger problem, they hadn't given me the RAID mainboard that I had requested. Then I noticed that the cage which houses the drives was bashed. then came the killer, a loose screw was in the bottom of the case, I know this isnt rare and I probably wouldn't have been too bothered if it wasnt for the fact that I noticed that the screw was from the CPU fan...
Oh, and interestingly, the QC date stamped onto the machine was prior to my order and Multivision claimed that the machine was in QC for the last week before delivery.
So as you would expect, I returned the machine to Multivision and asked them to fix it. I left a message on their answer machine each night for a week and then waited in a queue for another hour to find out th status of my machine, they said it was fixed and arranged to deliver. But all along, nobody ever phoned me, I had to phone them - and obviously queue.
The machine arrived back, motherboard fixed, CPU fan screwed in and the QC stamp was in a different place on the case and the windows certificate looks as like its stuck on at a differet angle to last time, so Im guessing that its a new case. However the neon strip and damaged internal case where still damaged, so I think this could be a batch problem. Has anyone else had these problems?
Still, not enough to kick up a fuss over and so I've kept the machine.
so far the only real problem I've experienced is an Ikernel error message which appeared when I installed software but nothing else bad happened and the error message doesnt seem to appear now, so I guess that its a bug in XP which has been fixed by an instant update? Can anyone confirm this for me?

The Mitsubushi monitor I ordered was replaced with a iiyama, and im happy with that because its a nice monitor, has an equal spec to the Mitsubushi and is £10 cheaper. But since I've taken delivery, Multivision have phoned to arrange deliverey of the system and monitor, I obviously informed them that we already had it. However, last week a courier arrived with a Mitsubushi monitor!!!!!! Whats going on Multivsion!!!
I have contacted Multivision and they have arranged to collect the monitor, however they did not apologise once. Considering I had to queue on the phone (and obviously pay for this!) I feel a bit put out!! Whats more, I have to stay at home on wednesday so that they can collect the monitor.
Im quite dissapointed with the service of Multivision. I have spent far too much time in a queue on phone, too much money on phone calls and too much time waiting for couriers, not to mention too much time without a system which h has made my studies suffer as a result.
The machine however seems very good (although only one of the DVD drives will play movies as the other is set to region 8 (wherever that is!!!)).
and kced, your right, the sound is excellent!

  njhux 14:50 28 Oct 2003

Bloody hell, I've got an Ionix98 coming in a couple of weeks (apparently). Now I'm really worried....particularly as I wouldn't even know what a RAID mainboard or a 20 pin connector was if I was staring straight at it!

If I plug it in and switch it on and it works is that a good enough check? Is there a way of pullign up all the hardware info in XP so I can check I've got what I ordered without having to open it up?

I wish I hadn't read this post, I'm going to be worrying non-stop now! :P

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