Multivision warranty question

  Brirev 22:32 29 Apr 2004

I bought my PC just before Christmas from Multivision. One of the prime selling points for me was the extended warranty offered as part of the package. Of course, I bought it via a credit card as is good practice. I know that there is the possibility of someone taking over the name (and hence) some of the responsibilities of Multivision - anyone got news on this? - but what I'd like to know is:- Can I claim off my credit card issuer for the loss of value due to the extended warranty not being in place? I can put a value on this lack as there are companies who offer "independent" warranties - at a cost! Meanwhile, since I have no warranty, I've added bits-and-pieces without the concern of "does it invalidate my warranty or not?!" Every cloud...!

  spuds 23:26 29 Apr 2004

Multivision no longer exist in terms of your warranty.Some of the assets of the ex Multivision company have now been purchased by other companies, one being Carrera. Carrera are offering to continue the warranty on a yearly basis for about £90 approx.Rock Direct are also offering this warranty extention for the same price.

As you purchased by credit card, then your credit card company will be responsible for the remaining warranty, under the Consumer Credit Act. Whether they undertake the arrangement for repairs, or contract elsewhere, then it would be your responsibility to find out. Regarding adding on items should not invalidate warranty if common sense prevails, but of course, this would depend on how far you have gone with this.Major upgrades from the original specifications of the machine, would perhaps cause some concern, and the credit card company may refuse to cover your upgrades. Again, it would be your responsibility to contact your credit card company, so that you can clarify the situation.I would do this now,so that you have knowledge of your credit card company's stance on this issue, and not perhaps at a later stage.

  consultik 09:08 03 May 2004


I have two Multivision sytems one 14 months old the other 9 months old. Thankfully I don't have any problems yet with either, but I would be interested in knowing how you get on with your credit card company in case I ever need to do the same.

  Brirev 22:06 04 May 2004

Thanks for the answers - my current view is that I'll wait until something goes wrong before contacting my credit card company.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 09:01 05 May 2004

I contacted the administrator regarding warranties.
The response was that a warranty included with the system would be regarded as a free gift by the credit card companies, however any extra upgrade to the warranty by way of paying extra money at the time of purchase may be a claimable item from the CC company. I am still waiting to hear from Barclaycard regarding this.

  spuds 10:53 05 May 2004

The adminisrator is talking rubbish. The warranty is not a 'free gift' as it is part and parcel of the deal or contract.Barclaycard and other institutions may stall on the fact that they are equally responsible under the Consumer Credit Act,the law says otherwise.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 13:15 05 May 2004

I was sounding the liquidators out with the object of getting a refund for the now defunct warranty. I wanted an estimate of the value to enable me to make a claim from my credit card company. I have to claim an amount, I cannot just make a claim without qualifying it somehow. The above information is what I received, the CC companies may still be liable for taking on the standard warranties that were included with systems, I upgraded to "on site" for a sum of money extra to the total system price, and this is what I am trying to recover. Sorry if I am not strictly keeping to the thread, but I thought it might be relevant to others. I will post any developments whatever the outcome as there seems to be an ever growing membership to this whole sorry issue.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 13:11 08 May 2004

Heard from Barclaycard - trying to make it as difficult as possible, I have to provide documentation to prove Multivision has renaged on the warranty, as if ceasing to trade is not a valid reason. I suppose they could mean I have to show it is not an insurance based warranty. Anyway I will photocopy everything I have and send it off with a letter reminding them that they are now responsible for my warranty, should go down like a lead balloon.

  spuds 14:50 08 May 2004

Apparently, there are further developements.

Firecrest, a offshoot of Carrera have now purchased the assets of the ex-Multivision company. So Firecrest are the new owners of the assets.

The credit card companies have begun to dig in their heels, regarding any claims being made at present.This is a similar stance that was taken with the old ex-Tiny and Time dispute.So perhaps further consumer legal advice on the Consumer Credit Act would be needed, if you are meeting any obstructions,this advice should be available via trading standards or your legal advisor.

If you have an ex-Multivision warranty, then Firecrest should have made contact with you, regarding other replacement warranty cover and recent discussions with the relevant credit card and finance lending companies.I should add, that Carrera/Firecrest are offering a rtb two year parts and labour warranty for £99.00. Nick Smith,Firecrest marketing director is willing to help previous Multivision customers, but he states, due to the situation, the telephone helplines are constantly busy. The helpline phone number for enquiries, as provided by Firecrest, is 0700 56 22 347. Remember, it can be very busy,so keep trying if you require further information. Website click here

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