Multivision - a very disatisfied customer!!!

  Camera-man2 23:47 07 Apr 2003

I am adding to the consumer forum to vent my frustration with this company – it seems there are plenty of us “dissatisfied Multivision customers” out there!

The saga of events:

2 computers ordered on 2/1/03, quoted 2 weeks delivery. One computer arrived promptly, the other not until 25 January, over a week late. No apologies, no explanation, not even the courtesy to phone me. Sheer hell trying to get through to anyone. Now I don't know about the rest of you, but when I have a problem, I want to speak to someone there and then, not be put on hold for ages, only to be put through to an answerphone. You're lucky if anyone gets back to you the same day.

When the main system arrived, checked system properties and found the Athlon XP2600+ I had paid for was actually a 2400+ After another major effort speaking to someone, I was taken through BIOS adjustment which caused the machine to shut down and stop completely. It had to go back and, yes, they had put the wrong processor in. It took 6 days from collection to delivery to rectify, no apology, no explanation, no communication. A lot of lost time, which I can ill afford, running a small business


Next problem - with CD writing software (Nero) which came with the computer. Wouldn't work properly and neither of the CD drives would then work. Advised by Multivision to do a "format and reload" (Obviously with the usual problems trying to get through). They basically started me off and left me to it, saying that I should phone them back to sort out the drivers. I couldn't be bothered, I got the missing drivers off the internet (they certainly weren't all included with the system). A lot more wasted time.

And the finale. I had the back off to install a SCSI card and noticed that all 3 memory slots were used. Strange, as I paid for 2 512MB modules, specifically to leave a spare slot for upgrading. What was installed was 1 512 and 2 256's. One mistake with the processor I could possibly forgive, but two mistakes?

Multivision offered either to take the system back and refund me or provide 2 512's to replace the 256's. Stupidly I decided to take the memory, as that would then give me 1.5GB of RAM. Big mistake - the courier delivering the modules wouldn't leave the package without taking something away (the 256's I later found out). Now, was I expected to tell the courier to wait whilst I took the computer back off, changed them over and tested the system - I think not, I sent him packing and got straight on the phone to Multivision yet again - if you want a tip, don't select the customer services or support options, go for sales, much easier to get through and then insist that you speak to a human being and not a machine.

That was the final straw and they agreed to take the system back and refund me. Amazingly the courier called back the next day with the very same memory package. Sent him packing again.

Computer collected 19 March and I was advised that the refund would go back onto my account the same week. And what a surprise, no refund that week or the following week either. I sent Multivision a letter recorded delivery requesting compensation, they didn't acknowledge it until 26 March and that was a one liner "We are looking into this matter and will be in contact with you in due course".

The refund didn't show up, so I called into the shop in Halesowen, which I thought was the hub of the Multivision empire - wrong, it's a small shop. They wouldn't tell me where the main office and workshop was for "security reasons". But the manager got on the phone and spoke straight away to customer services (by mobile phone he said). The refund came in the next day.

Well I hope that gives you a flavour of what you are up against when dealing with this company and PC Advisor and other magazines sing their praises month after month. The hardware (when properly configured and the correct spec) may actually be OK, but part of the deal is the aftersales service - abysmally poor, atrocious, a disgrace in the case of Multivision. I sought a refund on the basis of the Sale of Goods Act, the goods (total package) not being of merchantable quality.

Oh and the guy to complain to is Gareth Owen - Customer Service Co-ordinator. Well not much co-ordination going on as far as I can see. Needless to say, I am still awaiting a response regarding compensation.

I have now bought a computer locally, built to order. More expensive and of a lower spec. And no, that wasn't plain sailing either. The hard drive failed after 2 days - BUT - it was a short drive across town and a new drive fitted same day. Someone to speak to at the other end straight away when I had a problem. Decent customer service, so very important.

  Soy (AKA tran1) 00:21 08 Apr 2003

I'm not having a go, but it seems that multivision did their best to help you. 1 week late delivery isn't that bad. Wrong processor: 6days from collection to fix it. This doesn't seem too long. You had wrong memory modules put in. Surley you didn't expect a free stick of 512DDR.

Overall, it seems that multivisions support is quite good. Granted, they got a few things wrong and late but nothing that bad to shout about.

Delivery was late 1 week, They replaced, your processor (whick took only 6 days from delivery), and you wouldn't except the replacement memory modules, and you got your refund. Not much there to justify compensation.

Seems to me you were expecting to much and making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  sailorgirl2 02:25 08 Apr 2003

Does the previous author - SOY - work for them?

I had a similar but much less tecnical problem with Multivision. It was first computer ever and I had no idea what was going on/wrong, still don't but it crashed and crashed and crashed. It sometimes crashed before it had fully recovered from the previous crash. It took me two hours to send one e-mail, having to save each line, between crashes. As I was an absolute novice I really didn't need it, especially as I had done heaps and heaps of research, and had gone for Multivision because of the endlessly good write-ups in magazines too. They said they would replace the CPU but would collect it on Monday and deliver the 'new' one on Friday - did I look that stupid? - that was the final straw for me and back it went for a refund under the 14 days guarantee but even then, they were trying to fob me off with one excuse or another - the Sale of Goods Act is a boon in such situations. If they had only been straight with me from the beginning, apologised for the trouble I was having, offered to replace and not given me any phooey story - I am not and don't expect to be treated like an idiot - I might have accepted but they didn't - they have absolutely no idea what customer service is. All I can say is - next time, try Evesham - they helped me all my choices/changes, even girly stuff like would all the bits look good together, and it worked perfectly straight out of the box apart from my not being able to get downloaded music to burn onto the CD but maybe I am doing something wrong - I'm waiting for an e-mail back from Technical support - apart from that, they are wonderful, friendly and don't talk down to me which, being a complete beginner is a huge relief - and no, I don't work for them!

  Soy (AKA tran1) 10:46 08 Apr 2003

It just seemed camera-man2 was expecting too much. everything was sorted up until the point he refused to take the memory and give the other 2 256 modules back. If he had just excepted it, maybe all the hassle of phoning up for refunds, letters to the managemnet, compensation claims and travelling to the main office could have been nil.

Granted, that things may have taken a bit of time to sort out, but multivision did replace and repair the parts.

  Camera-man2 15:52 08 Apr 2003


I can assure you from my experiences (and from other discussion threads) that Multivisions' support is not at all good - pretty bad in fact. It is the lack of communication that I find most disturbing and the inability to speak to someone straight away (as you usually can with Evesham) when you have a problem.

I am also not making a mountain out of a molehill. I spent nearly £2K + VAT with this company on 2 computers, so I think I have a right to good service. One of the computers I still have, so fingers crossed I don't need to contact their support.

The reason for refusing the memory was because Multivision had not advised me beforehand that the old modules were to be handed to the courier at the same time as the new ones were delivered. My wife had no idea what the courier was on about - all he said was that he had to take a package away as well. I only found out later (after the usual difficulty getting through to Multivision and they said it shouldn't have happened) that it was the old modules he was supposed to be collecting. Multivision hadn't said anything to me beforehand and the courier had no idea what he was collecting. Abysmal communications on the part of Multivision - no surprise there! And the courier called back the next day with the same package, after Multivision had agreed to a refund - they hadn't bothered to tell the courier.

And on the wrong processor and memory - what happened to quality control? - the label signed on the back of the machine said 2600+ Having to wait 6 days while the machine goes back to be rectified for something that is not my fault is totally unacceptable. It was collected on the Wednesday and back in the workshop and fixed the next day - it should have been returned to me on the Friday, not the following Tuesday.

And on the late delivery, if I was 9 days late delivering my serives to a Client, it would be the last job I would get from them. But Multivision helped themselves to my credit card well before the computer arrived.

I accept that the money has been refunded and not without a struggle. The big issue for me running a small business is TIME!!! I have wasted a lot of time having to reload software, download drivers, paying my IT consultant to sort out the network 3 times instead of once, hanging on the phone etc. That is what the issue of compensation is about. Time is money!!! I have lost about 3 days production time.

My advice to anyone is this situation, whoever the company is, is to be persistent and stand up for your rights under the Sale of Goods Act. Remember, merchantable quality refers to the whole product, aftersales service as well as the hardware. And pay by credit card, as that gives you another avenue for a refund if things go wrong.

  Djohn 17:54 08 Apr 2003

You have my sympathy with this issue. It does appear that we have become so accustomed to poor service from some manufacture's/suppliers these days, that one or two weeks late delivery, and a couple of components missing or not working is considered to be, "Good service".

I also realise that these problems only apply to the minority of customers, and the majority do not have a problem, but this in no way lessens the effect on those concerned.

If something is one day late, or one component/program not working on delivery, then this to me is poor service. Once you exceed these limits then the service is more than poor, it is inexcusable.

You, I, and others pay good hard earned/saved money to buy PC equipment, is it now too much to expect that once we have chosen a company to order from, that we cannot feel reasonably secure in the knowledge that we will receive what we have paid for, in working condition, and without broken/missing parts, and excuse after excuse as to why they cannot deliver on time, or even within a couple of weeks of the agreed delivery date. J.

  zetec sarah 21:00 27 Apr 2003

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to put your feelings and experiences down on these boards, I almost brought a Multivision pc, but after reading so many bad reports I have changed my mind.
So I am sorry for all of you and your bad experiences, and thankyou for your help in helping me make up my mind

  Camera-man2 22:17 27 Apr 2003

I thought I would add further to the discussion, having now had a written response from Multivision.

The Customer Services Co-ordinator, Mr Gareth Owen's letter took a while to materialise, so no surprise there. What did take me back was the tone of the letter. My complaint is stated as being "frivolous and vexatious".

In all my dealings with numerous companies over the years, I have never seen such words used in a letter from a so-called customer services department. Laughably, they go on to say "....I am satisfied that the service that we gave you did not in any way fall short of the standards of care and effort that you are entitled to expect." Obviously a marked difference of opinion over what constitutes acceptable standards. What a sorry state of affairs.

Multivision's letter just about says it all. Customer "don't care" would be nearer the mark. In light of their attitude, I am considering a claim via the County Court. I will keep you posted!

  davidg_richmond 22:39 27 Apr 2003

Camera Man - you have your money back, i know multivision have been very unprofessional (which apparently doesnt fall short of what you should expect!) but a small claims court will probably not hear your case unless you have substantial compensation to claim. how much can you prove you spent on the phone? how many hours of work did you lose out on? bear in mind that consequential loss is not protected by law but may only be considered.

  H-J 22:44 27 Apr 2003

After all, if you bought a brand new car with a 1.6 under the bonnet then discovered it was only a 1.4 you would have every right to be miffed, and wanting money back or sorting out. And if it kept stalling all by itself (Because in this analogy if you use the word 'crashing' then that could concievably be construed as user error<g>) you would want it sorted PDQ. After all, in just about any other industry, the person who pays the bills calls the tune. but apparently not when it comes to pc's, where once you have parted company with your well earned readys then it appears to be a lottery.

  Forum Editor 00:41 28 Apr 2003

as far as I can see, and although you may well have had good cause to be annoyed it is your personal experience that you're talking about here - and that's what others should remember.

I have no axe to grind for any computer manufacturer, but I believe in balance. What you are doing here is giving vent to your feelings - you're not asking for our help or advice, because you're dealing with the matter in your own way. Nobody in this forum is a County Court Judge as far as I know, and even if that were the case they wouldn't be able to comment on the question of a compensation claim.

My personal advice, based on past experience is to move on from this and not to waste any more time on what might be a protracted process. That may not be what you want to hear, but it's what I believe is the best course in the circumstances.

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