Multivision Site Security

  sdf 15:54 01 Sep 2003

Hello all,
I have just attempted to place an order with Multivision for one of their laptops, and when I got to the actual payment page, it wasnt secure! I tried it on a number of PCs to see if it was just a bug with my version of IE (as some people may know a while back there was a glitch with a certain version of IE that it didnt display the padlock symbol even if the site was safe) but no. It seems if one wants to buy online from quote "one of the longest established computer manufacturers in the UK" one has to run the gauntlet of possible credit card fraud. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience with Multivision. I will probably end up ordering by phone as there isnt much of a choice, but still - not what one would expect from what on the surface to be a good company.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:06 01 Sep 2003

There are much. much easier ways to harvest credit card details. Secure sites are not that secure (ask barclaycard;-)) ) Your CC company will protect you against all fraud, so I would go ahead regardless.


  lozzd 17:15 10 Sep 2003

I know what you mean, it doesn't LOOK like a secure site. The lack of a Padlock icon is because the page is frame based, so the actual framset is not secure but the order page is, hence if you go on a standard install Internet Explorer before you have ticked the "Dont show this again" box, it will come up and inform you that you are entering a secure site. Also, if you right click on the main document, it will tell you it is on a secure connection.

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