Multivision - security questionable

  Widows Son 17:06 06 Oct 2003

Ive just ordered a laptop from Multivision (done over the phone as I'd a few queries)

Shortly after they emailed me the sales confirmation. I was shocked to notice they'd included all my credit card details in an insecure email.

I was wondering if they always do this.

  sdf 17:42 06 Oct 2003

i suggest doing a seach in consumer watch for multivision, will turn up some disturbing (yet seemingly well founded) reading. Which system did you order? a tip - check what you recieve is what you ordered. on a recent order of mine with them 2 items were not what was specified.

  Sir Radfordin 18:00 06 Oct 2003

You may like to click here and have a read of this thread. I'd say the same things apply, though you are right in saying that security is questionable.

  Widows Son 20:13 06 Oct 2003


its the Solus 1030 - I bought my current desktop from Multivision about 18 months ago with no major hassles (not that I'm saying this is a major hassle - just a bit annoying)

Sir Radfordin

I'm not expecting the sky to fall down like the poster of the other thread, and it would appear at least possible that he'd put his card number in the wrong box in an online form.

All I'm saying that in these days of credit card fraud I would never dream of sending my credit card details (in this case full card number, expiry date, home address & verification code from the 'sign' slip) via email and would expect Multivision to keep my data secure.

Reason for posting was really to establish if this was routine at Multivision or just a one off error. Obviously if it is routine it needs to be stopped

  Sir Radfordin 22:58 06 Oct 2003

Totally agree with you, if this is what they normally do then it should be stopped. Hopefully tomorrow other customers will be able to confirm the position.

Have you spoken to MV about it?

  Forum Editor 23:20 06 Oct 2003

with the details that you've listed is certainly not acceptable, and I sincerely hope it was a one-off error.

I've contacted the company for their comment, and I'll report back as soon as I hear from them.

  Widows Son 23:32 06 Oct 2003

and for your actions FE - I did email Stuart C at MV immediately I received the email - but no reply yet - although in fairness to MV that was only this afternoon. As soon as I hear anything I will make a further post on this thread

  Widows Son 19:01 07 Oct 2003

from Multivision to apologise - they say they do not really know what happened and have assured me that this is a one off incident & that all data is normally held securely at their end.

Well I suppose anyone can make a mistake

I'll leave the thread open for a short while to take any comments

  Forum Editor 19:07 07 Oct 2003

confirming that they have contacted you with an apology. They say that was very much a one-off error.

It's good to see a company

a) admitting to making an error.

b) apologising to the customer.

c) doing so within 24 hours of a thread being posted here.

If only more companies would act with such speed and integrity.

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