Multivision Saga

  sdf 18:02 23 Sep 2003

As some may be aware from reading previous threads I have ordered a Multivision 1010 (ordered pre-announcement of the 1030 which I would much prefere, but anyway! doh). Ordered on the 1st of this month it turned up today (after them taking the money for it 3 days after order - If I'd known it'd be a month they could have got it on the next Visa bill - cheeky I think) at last only for me to find it has XP Home on instead of the XP Professional requested and paid for. so, after spending 40 minutes on hold to multivision I spoke to one of their reps who informed me all they could do is either refund the addition money I paid for the UG to Pro and stick with home or I could send the unit back and they'll reinstall windows. I grudgingly chose the latter as I particularly wanted Pro (hence ordered it!). I don't know why they couldnt have just sent me a new machine with Pro on it and we just swapped them - I havent activated the current one or anything. Am I being fussy in this whole thing just not up to par? This is the first "system" I've ever bought, the other 6 computers we have on our home net were all self builds, can we expect this sort of things with the other 2 laptops that we plan to purchase in the near future? (I hasten to add not from multivision). I'm probably a being unfair as im a little wound up by it all, over the last month and especially this week I really could have done with/needed the laptop, but feels good to vent a little! apologies! Any views on the situation would be welcomed

  sdf 18:11 23 Sep 2003

the other bit I was going to mention was I was quoted 1-2 weeks turnaround for the re-installation of windows, for potentially it could be a month and a half after order before I get a machine that I can finally use!

  sdf 22:57 23 Sep 2003


  sdf 18:06 26 Sep 2003

it goes on... I have now recieved the notebook back (a lot quicker then they said which was nice) only to find that it only has 256mb RAM instead of the 512mb. I couldnt check before as I was reluctant to enter all my personal details, to get into windows, if I was going to send the machine back for re-installation. Have contacted multivision and await a response

  Cuzza 18:20 18 Oct 2003

As you say nothing wrong with the kit just the idiots dealing with sales, customer services and tech support.

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