Multivision Computers - service from hell

  Newuser1914 13:51 05 Sep 2003

I paid over £1K for a notebook 9months ago. 4weeks ago the monitor backlight went. Multivision said it was a simple matter to replace the chassis with a new one.
What I got back was a damaged refurbished chassis in much worse condition than the one I sent, with my hard disk reformatted. Customer support said initially that they HAD given me a new chassis. Only when I sent a stinky fax did they confess it was a second hand one. I asked why they didn't ask me before trashing my hard disk. They virtually told me they could do what they liked - just read the small print!
I don't see how Multivision will survive if they continue to treat customers like dirt. Don't buy from them!

  sdf 14:30 05 Sep 2003

Worrying as I have a system currently on order with Multivision (I say that as they have a 2 week lead time! I dont know if that sort of wait is the norm as I have never bought a system before - always DIY. To me it doesnt sound right but...). I'd be interested in hearing anyone else's experience with multivision

  JIM 15:15 05 Sep 2003

I have no experience of there products but looking at the info you posted and then looking at there web page,does not fill me with confidence.I would wonder how many customers would request the following.!

Warranty subject to terms & conditions (see general-->legal) and warranty schedule agreement (available upon written request).

  lozparry 09:58 06 Sep 2003

I bought a PC from them a month ago that was on in a labs test on PC PRO in Sept issue + a few upgrades. Delivery was within 2 weeks, however, before i could start it, I opened the case to find the hard drive loose with one screw out, the ide ribbon for the cd drive torn by a cable tie, 20 pin connector disconnected and my anti virus software as paid for not sent. Its a good job that I'm fairly compedent with a computer because it was me who repaired it after they sent the new cable next day delivery. My experence with support was varied. I was unsure why the ribbon cable on my Floppy D was split in three and the middle strand twisted. I was told on querying it that it needs untwisting! So I did. This gave me a floppy controller failure. Next phone call in a 20 min queue they say retwist(different advisor. Ive sent an email complaining of poor standards and I recieved a response saying it would be investigated. that was over 2 weeks ago with no response since.
It was funny that it was the sales staff that pointed me towards this web page to look at mesh's problems after i told them i'd cancelled an order with them!! Good luck!

  jospar 15:22 06 Sep 2003

From what I read of lozparry experience with customer sevice, I would feel worried if I waiting for a order.

Lozparry, the floppy drive ribbon, does come with the upper part of the ribbon split into three parts and the middle section is always twisted, and it's always this end that is conected to the floppy drive. If you connect it the other way around you're drive won't work. It's to do with how the data is tranfered to and from drive and motherboard.

If the person who informed you to untwist the cable was a techincal advisor I think I might feel very panicky indeed.

I think that one of the reasons I always build my own.

  Beep 17:34 06 Sep 2003

I have a MV pc and it works well - but then I dont do much on it and wouldnt know whether they sent back a lawn mower or space rocket. It was though DOA, so I sent it back and all my problems were with their delivery - sending it to the wrong address plus I very belatedly discovered that they over charged me by about £200 so be very very vigilant with them.

  sdf 17:45 06 Sep 2003

I dont know what to think now. looking back at previous PCA editions Multivision seem to have a fairly constant presence in both the laptop and desktop top 10, and although PCA prob only get the computers for an afternoon or something to run thier tests on, I dont imagine they would recomend something from a supplier that is less then reputable as it could tarnish their excellent name. No supplier can please all its customers all the time, and mistakes do get made. but still hearing these accounts has set alarm bells ringing in my head. Anyone else had any experience with MV, good or bad??

  lozzd 22:39 09 Sep 2003

Hmm well it worries me a lot too, but as you say, no supplier can please all its customers, and people only come to forums to bitch or to research. Its a surprise anyone buys any laptops around here!

  Newuser1914 15:29 12 Sep 2003

Hmmm, it's alright lozzd saying we're a load of old bitchers, but I'd like to ask the following question: just what other avenues do we have to hold these terrible service providers to account? And excuse my naivete but I er, ummm, thought a "consumerwatch" forum was there for consumers to er, umm, sort of . . . watch.
Latest news: Multivision finally cleaned up the second hand machine they replaced my original with . . . and the keyboard's faulty.
Can anyone help me with my consumer rights here? Do I have a case for asking for my money back?

  BALDIEDAZ 19:11 25 Sep 2003

I too have a MV computer,with which i have had no end of trouble,way too long a story to tell but i have been in touch with the Trading Standards who say that after 1 day you accept the goods as working and can only accept repairs there after.
The only slight reprieve is that they deem 3 attempts at a repair as sufficient,after this you can ask for a replacement,if refused your only avenue is to take the company to small claims court,as is a civil matter,this may be my next course of action.
I for one will never ever buy from or recommend MV again...hope this helps,good luck

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