multivision computer crashes

  [DELETED] 21:38 19 Aug 2003

recently bought an ionix 2800a from "multivision computers".Crashes constantly when playing games,diagnostics shows an overheating problem so I sent it back.multivision claim they have tested it and can find no fault so they are going to charge me cost of carriage.I would like to hear from any-one who has had similar problems or any-one who can help resolve problems,tanks

  [DELETED] 22:11 19 Aug 2003

I bought two multivision computers about 2 months back they had alot of problems. Including heating up. The other problems were solved, faulty memmory. But the heating problem was still there as there case has no good air flow and the heatsinks they use are very standard. So the soloution was that i changed the heat sinks for a better quality 1's. Because multivision do a few tests and the pc will pass on it. But when playin games before i changed the heat sinks, The Pc would shut down due to over heating. These pc's werent for my self but for a uncle. So if that information is any help because multivision wont do anything really because they said it was ok temp when they tested it.


  [DELETED] 22:04 29 Aug 2003

I also own a multivision computer,it is a slightly older,vision go xp2200.Purchased october 2002,so still under a year old, around mid june it started BLUE SCREENING with STOP :0x000......
messages coming up,i spent about 3 weeks trying to sort it myself then decided to use my 3 yr warranty and phone them.They took it away,1 week later i got it back,loaded it up and still had exactly the same problem,they said it was dust in the graphics card(rubbish).So i phoned them again,they collected it,2 weeks later and a £15 fee for a sat delivery,i got back,this time the BIOS settings were wrong(so they said) i loaded it up,within 24hrs it started crashing again.So here we are,i phoned them today,they want to take it away again,i want a new computer or my money back,but they wont do either of these,so i am forced to find out my consumer rights to see where i stand on this matter.
I bought from multivision after reading many PC ADVISOR mags,how good the warrany is etc..
well pc ad,stop giving multivision such good reviews,i will never buy from or recommend MULTIVISION ever again,they are USELESS.

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