Multivision - Are they good?

  ANDREW-W 19:35 03 Dec 2003

I am looking at the Multivision pcs. Looks like a good spec at decent prices.
Are the machines any good? What about back up services? and do they deliver the goods?
What are people's experiences of these machines?

  sdf 19:42 03 Dec 2003

i suggest you do a search for multivision in the consumerwatch - it will turn up the answer your looking for...

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 13:32 30 Dec 2003

I have had 2 pc's from multivision in the past 3 years and, like you, am looking to get a new one in January/February.

The PC's are very good, i have tested them thoroughly and have NEVER had any mechanical problems with them (touch wood)

Good Points:

They are very quick at getting the system to you (in my experience anyway) and they let you customize almost every part of the PC, so if the 'customize' option doesn't let you change to something you want....give them a ring..(be prepared for very long wait tho). I was quite fussy with mine, but they let me change the motherboard...and a graphics card that wasn't on the list.

They stock the latest technology, something which systemax doesn't seem to do. An example of this is...if their is a new graphics card out...they will have it as an upgrade.

They come with a FULL version of windows...not a 'reload' CD which won't allow you to format your hard drive

Bad points:

i have needed to contact multivision in the past and all i can say is...."you're wasting your time"....they rarely answer the phone, then if they did and they promise to ring you back....they don't.

The first PC i got had a DVD ROM drive on it, which obviously needed software for it to work. Software did come installed but when i looked in the box after i formatted, it wasn't there. After several phonecalls, and them telling me it would be sent in post...i never recieved it.

Despite their bad points....multivision are a top class computer builders, where they lack in customer service they make up for in reasonably priced systems and top quality components.

p.s If i didn't like them or trust them i would not be ordering my 3rd PC from them

p.p.s They might have resolved the customer service issues since then, but i know it wasn't just me having problems with them


  Flaco 15:05 30 Dec 2003

I tend toward Evesham myself, but there are few manufacturers that fall into the same category for me and Multivision is one of them. If they meet the spec and price you're after, go for it. They regularly get reviewed by PCA and seem to do a good enough job.

I love manufacturers like these. As Spyman says, it's the quality of the components that's of interest to me. You get very nice pieces of kit for the money and they seem to know how to match and configure them properly.

The support issue is always a bugbear these days, it seems. I'm no tech guru, but I'd still rather spend the money on kit as opposed to the vaporous saftey net. Warranty issues aside, you'll always find helpful fellow pc'ers in these forums willing to lend a hand (and there's also good help sites like click here as well). Good luck.

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