[DELETED] 01:19 09 Nov 2003

I ordered a PC system from Multivision.

Only then once the order had gone through did i read these forums and begin to get very, very scared.

However I feel that it's only fair to report what happened in my case:

My PC arrived within 15 days (on a 2 week lead time) and I have had no problems or concerns. Everything I specified is here and working correctly.

And you really cannot argue with their prices....Athlon 3200+, 1GB 3200RAM and 256 GeForce 5900 Ultra, DVD R/RW all for a tiny bit over a grand.

After all the bad press they've got on here, it seemed only fair to report a positive result. Because on a tight budget, they've done me proud.

And if anything does go wrong in the future...I'll let you know!

  [DELETED] 09:29 09 Nov 2003

If everyone refused to buy from retialers that had bad press there would be no purchases made at all. The 'complaints' you read on here are a tiny. tiny percentage of overall sales. PCW sell hundreds of thousands of items per week and they will get more complaints. When someone complains you only hear THEIR side of the story and the customer is not always right. Apart from yourself, there is rarely any incentive to write about purchases that went smoothly therefore the complaints seem to outweigh them. All smoke and mirrors if you ask me.


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