Multi-port usb hub that can charge devices at the same time?

  koalawoodie 09:21 31 Jul 2013

Hi guys,

I'm wondering if there is any powered usb hub that have more than just one single port to supply the power to the device? For example for charging an iPhone and iPad at the same time? All powered hubs I've tried only have enough for one powered port at a time.

The more ports the better for me. It's really hard to find anything out there. Any recommendation or help would be appreciated!

  wee eddie 09:54 31 Jul 2013

I have reread your posting several times and am not sure that I understand you correctly.

My Powered USB Hub has two connections, one from the Mains and the other from the PC.

Any or All of its sockets can be used to charge a device or run a USB Powered device.

  koalawoodie 10:00 31 Jul 2013

@wee eddie Not exactly. Most Powered USB hubs only contain one charging port which don't need to connect to the PC to supply the power, others are all data ports.

  stellaluna 10:16 31 Jul 2013

I recently bought a 6 port plus 2 charing ports USB hub from Amazon(click here to go with my iPad 3 and iMac 27" which only has 4 usb 3.0 sockets and I definitely needed more.

The fast charging ports is absolutely a bonus and quickly charges my iPad and iPhone while the data ports work perfectly with my desktop.

The lowest price I could find for usb 3.0 multi-port with only one charging socket(clearly not enough for me) is nearly £30. And this one only sells for the same price. So it seems like a pretty decent deal for me.

Hope that helps.

  alanrwood 10:34 31 Jul 2013

My Trust 4 port hubs are fine for this

  wee eddie 11:47 31 Jul 2013

I have just connected my Kodak camera to my Mains/Self Powered USB Hub, it successfully charges on all 7 ports, so I still don't understand your problem.

I am wondering, are you talking about a "bus-powered" USB Hub?

  Nontek 12:22 31 Jul 2013

Hmm, smells like Spam to me!! I have two powered 4Port USB Hubs, any of the eight ports can be used for charging.

  bumpkin 13:18 31 Jul 2013

"Most Powered USB hubs only contain one charging port"

Not sure I agree with that, on every one I have had (many) all ports could be used for charging.

  alanrwood 15:32 31 Jul 2013

Maybe it is connected to this other question

click here think the OP is just a bit confused or has been fed some duff gen.


  timingby 07:05 01 Aug 2013

I find nothing when I opened the link, is there something wrong with the link? does anybody find the 6 port plus 2 charing ports USB hub? how it works?

  Nontek 07:50 01 Aug 2013


Your link opened OK for me - just confirms my suspicion that the thread is Spam!

In each case, the OP asks a question and then gives his own answer with a link to click on - sometimes using the, different PCA Name, trick.

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