M/Soft Excel files to M/S Works - Possible??

  Mickey 12345 20:15 06 Jan 2005

I wonder if anyone can help. I currently have quite a few spreadsheets held on my old PC in M/Soft Excel 2000. Many have more than one worksheet per file.
We are considering buying a new PC which will have M/S Works Version 7. (Plus a 60 day trial of Office 2003 which we probably won't pay to keep).
I've been told that Works Spreadsheet software won't open Excel spreadsheets but I don't really want to have to construct them again from scratch.
Does anyone know if there's a way round this please ?

  Simsy 21:08 06 Jan 2005

that it will open them... but only 1 sheet;

If you try to open an excel file that has mor ethan one worksheet, you will be asked which sheet you want to open.

Obviously if you have a workbook that has multiple sheets, and the sheets relate to one another, (which is likely), you are likely to have a problem.

Depending on how complicated the books are you may have good success opening them, and then saving them again using the spreadsheet in OpenOffice, which does a very fine job of converting sheets, and is free!

Note that any macros are not supported.

hope this helps,



  Zaphod 3 03:56 07 Jan 2005

If you have the Excel setup cd for your old pc. Why not install it on the new one.

  wiz-king 06:55 07 Jan 2005

Works will just about open a single Excel worksheet but not the other way round. Multiple sheets are a no-no as would be most macros so the practical answer is no. As to a way round it would not be easy to find a prog that would convert, so either pay for the MS Office or get OpenOffice. Non-MS progs tend to be more generous in the type of files they will support (they have to be!). I have an old copy of Lotus SmartSuite that I use for converting AmiPro documents to Word and back as all my companies older forms and procedures are in other formats.

  Mickey 12345 10:56 07 Jan 2005

Thanks to all who replied - unfortunately we don't think we've got the old set-up CD for Excel - we got the machine 2nd hand and it was already on for us.
We may just have to bite the financial bullet on pay for Office on the new machine!

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