MSI Wind replacement/refund?

  bmachy 23:36 19 Aug 2008


I brought a MSI Wind last month. However the machine had so many problems with it. Firstly it was quite slow and unresponsive. And the Harddrive noise is so loud.

However just recently (this week) the biggest problem for it has occured. The laptop for no reason seems to take a long time to boot up (roughly 10-15 minutes) even though no startup or background programmes are being loaded. Not only this when it does finally load, it becomes so slow. Every time I try to access or load something up the HDD activity goes crazy and it takes forever to load. For example loading the the start bar takes 2 minutes.

I'm sure the Harddrive has gone faulty. But was wondering if there were any other methods of trying to fix it before I send it back so it can get checked out? The long delivery times are somewhat off putting.


  spuds 00:12 20 Aug 2008

If its only a month old, and the problems have been noticeable from day one, then your only real option is to contact the company were you made the purchase, and raise the matter with them.

  bmachy 11:00 20 Aug 2008

I can't seem to find the customer service number for CCLonline? Their websites too bloated.

  bmachy 11:42 20 Aug 2008

Nevermind found it

  spuds 12:12 20 Aug 2008

CCL have had some very good reviews and recommendations in the past, so you should be alright in perhaps resolving any issues.

  bmachy 12:25 20 Aug 2008

Cheers Spuds.

I called em up and they told me to go to MSI and try to deal with it first. Saying it would be quicker through them rather than CCLonline themshelves. Is this normal?

I thought the supplier had to deal with it.

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