MSI Motherboards and AGP8x

  CalmCookie 12:32 21 Nov 2003

I have an MSI KT4 Ultra motherboard which has, as one of it's features, AGP8x - to quote:Provides advanced system bandwidth to enhance graphics performance.
I decided recently to upgrade my card to the top spec available and bought an MSI FX5950 Ultra. The card works fine when in 2d applications such as viewing the Internet or working on documents.....BUT as soon as it enters a game with 3d intense graphics the PC crashes. I have all the latest drivers and BIOS installed.
Then I went to MSI's forum and researched this problem and found that this is a common problem with AGP8x and the FX5600 and above graphics cards.

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It would appear from these threads that MSI have possibly found the cure for their latest motherboard, the K7N2....but what about those which are a bit older but still are meant to support AGP8x.

Come on MSI, I am starting to lose confidence in you and think it may be time to go elsewhere for my PC components.

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