raggydoll 20:03 05 Oct 2004

I have just purchased the above motherboard because it was stated on the MSI website it comes with an IDE3 SOCKET,on opening the box low and behold no IDE3,all of the pictures and litariture on thier website clearly show the third IDE SOCKET,on e-mailing my problem to MSI i got this reply=the motherboard shown on our website is the KT6 DELTA FI2R which comes with IDE3,you have the other version which does not.
This reply was was not what i had expected as i have not seen any mention of two versions of the board on the website,the FISR is the only model advertised with a photo showing the IDE3 i missing something or is this a case of false advertising,i have always used MSI boards,i wanted this board strictly for the extra IDEchannel.Has anyone else had this problem.MSI customer support leaves a lot to be desired i must say.

  Smegs 15:42 06 Oct 2004

Sorry, am I missing something here? If you order "MSI KT6-DELTA FISR", what m/board have you got?

click here this is the KT6-Delta FISR.

Can you not ask MSIComputers to do a swap and if any monnies owed will be forwarded?

You filled the forms in for ordering, you should have got an option to which m/board you wanted, or did you phone them??

  raggydoll 18:25 06 Oct 2004

The board i have is the MSI KT6-DELTA FISR,but the board pictured on the MSI website is according to MSI the MSI KT6-DELTA FI2R but the model number is quite clearly stated as the MSI KT6-DELTA FISR,the board was purchased from NOVATECH,even their website clearly shows the board has the IDE3 socket and is stated as an MSI KT6-DELTA FISR.Silly enough i have not contacted them as they are only the reseller,i thought i'd go straight to MSI as they manufacture the boards,but they seem to have fobbed me of with their afore mentioned reply,what to do is the question.

  Forum Editor 18:41 06 Oct 2004

You have no contract with them - you do have one with Novatech, and you must address the problem with them.

This is a question of numbers. If the board on their site is clearly stated to be MSI KT6-DELTA FISR, but the illustration shows a KT6 DELTA FI2R you have a case. You relied on the image when making your decision to purchase.

Non of this may be necessary because you haven't yet done the one thing you must do - contact the company from which you bought the item, and tell them all about the problem.

  Smegs 19:29 06 Oct 2004

As Fe has answered, get intouch with NOVATECH, they are the one's that supplied the product. MSI don't know what you have ordered from NOVATECH. I can't find a KT6 DELTA FI2R, on the Novatech site.

Sorry,I thought you had gone to MSI for the m/board.

I think you need to make yourself clearer in future.

I also think a "SORRY" to MSI is in order.

  Noelg23 20:41 06 Oct 2004

Smegs has a point...its not who the manufacturer is its who you bought the product from...Ihave heard of the FISR but not FI2R...and I regularly visit the MSI site to check up on their motherboard as I have their K7N2 Delta-ILSR...ever wondered what the letters actually stand for? my motherboard has ILSR: I-IEEE 1394, L-LAN, S-Sound, R-Raid. and if I am not mistaken I think yours will stand for F-Firewire, I-IEEE 1394, S-Sound, imagine what 2 must stand my motherboard has 3 IDE connectors on it...

  Smegs 01:27 07 Oct 2004

Via Email. "Thanks for your reply smegs,i have the m/board stated above,but MSI say the picture on the website is the MSI KT6-DELTA FI2R,cofussing or what?.Did you see any mension of this on the website,i sure did'nt,i purchased the board from Novatech.even their website shows the same picture,but the m/board is as i say not the one shown on either website."

I have just done a Google search, and it's brought nothing up about the KT6-DELTA FI2R m/board.

  Smegs 01:28 07 Oct 2004

Can you give us a link to the page of the KT6-DELTA FI2R please??

  Noelg23 10:33 07 Oct 2004

guys I think we got a in pickle here...i just been to the MSI site in the UK and it has the MSI mention of the KT6 one...the K8T is the motherboard that takes Athlon64 I think thats the one we're talking about here

  Smegs 12:40 07 Oct 2004

I hope so buddy.

This is going way over my head.

Lets hope that raggydoll can come up with some more Info.

  raggydoll 18:12 07 Oct 2004

Did'nt think this would cause such a debate guy's,firstly MSI should'nt advertise a product as one thing and the photo showing another,have been on the phone to Novatech,they are as mistified as me,but will ammend their website accordingly,have offered me a refund,or another product,as they are off the opinion the m/board in question is not the one advertised in the photo.Ialso cant find anything about the DELTA FI2R,even though MSI state it is the model shown on their website,even though i know it's the FISR.As for the K7N2-DELTA ILSR,i dont think the IDE3 is actually usable,my mate has one and says it's for future use,correct me if i am wrong.having said that my budget wont strech to that model.thanks for all the responses.

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