Ms Worldwide Telescope

  provider 2 12:14 31 Jan 2010

Is anyone using this successfully? click here

I`ve downloaded and given this a go but after two minutes or so my fans go into overdrive and Task Manager says CPU usage 90-100%, Mem usage 209,552k - 213,136k with nothing else running except Silverlight ... and just looking at the website stretches my system a bit (XP Sp3).

Looks as if my system just isn`t up to handling it or am I doing something wrong?

  birdface 13:56 31 Jan 2010

Could not open your click here this morning but working ok now.
Did not want to download it so just clicked on take the tour.
Waited for it to open but nothing.
Only thing that appeared was Silverlight so I take it it uses that.

  BRYNIT 16:50 31 Jan 2010

I've just tried it, selecting Run Web client with no problems.

Also tried it with several programs running including Windows Media Center, still no problems. I can only assume your system may not be up to the task.

  provider 2 16:51 31 Jan 2010

Yes, it does and I had to install that too as well as a DirectX thingy to get it to work.

Taking the tour downloads something or other, then "Please Wait", which takes forever, then nothing happens.

Anyhow, I`ve dumped it and gone back to Google Sky which works in fits and starts depending on how good your internet connection is at the time, which is why I thought I`d try this.

I think it needs a dual-core processor and huge amounts of memory that I just don`t have. System requirements are just too high-powered for me to use it. Pity ... it looks good.

  provider 2 16:54 31 Jan 2010

Yes, it`s out of my league, I`m afraid.

Good excuse to buy a new, high-powered machine though?

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