MS Software - is it genuine?

  brainstorm 16:36 04 Nov 2007

I purchased Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition from for £294. Delivery was swift and efficient but my suspicions were raised for the following reasons:

1. The Certificate of Authenticity had 'for distribution in the US only' on it. Should't it at least say 'for...the US and UK only'? The MS 'how to tell' site had the example that said 'for...the US and Canada only'
2. I could not see a product key - is this in the box and would I be unable to return it if I opened it and it was not inside? Should I risk opening it?
2. It was 'shipped' from the USA (not the UK as I would have expecetd from a UK company).
3. The invoice was for $25 (not the correct exchange rate!), although my credit card bill is for the correct amount. I have frozen the payment for now.
4. I went to pcworld to compare and the suite contains all the programmes that are on the same software sold by pcworld PLUS 'accounting express 2007' - The MS site includes this 'extra' - is this the upgrade to the pcworld version?

My main concerns are 1. & 2. - I would want it to work on my pc or be able to return it if its not genuine or the wrong software for the UK. Can anyone advise?

  DieSse 17:01 04 Nov 2007

If you google for their name you will find lots of complaints about them.

1.The C of A - I would give MS a call and ask about that if I were you.

2. Product Key - yes you should have a product key - I would inform MS if I were you.

2. Apparently their site does say they ship from abroad.

3. Apparently they say they ship "as a gift" (which has to be below £34 I believe). Otherwise you should pay any import duty and they should have added VAT to your original invoice. Sounds illegal to me.

4. I doubt if it's a PCWorld special - but it could be a special MS offer, and not necessarily the same as bought in other places.

  DieSse 17:02 04 Nov 2007

I would also inform your CCard company with a view to what you might reclaim from them.

  brainstorm 17:31 04 Nov 2007

Credit card company advised and helping, and MS informed but no response yet so seeking pcadvisor help (often much quicker as your rsponse testifies!).

Seems my main concern is whether or not it would work fully with no isues if I loaded a 'for distribution in US only' product.

All advice welcome!

  ajm 17:32 04 Nov 2007

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The prices seem very attractive; even more considering that the GBP£ is stronger than the USD$. bestpricebrands are capitalising on this. I suspect that if you go to the states and buy the same software, it will work out even cheaper.

In fact a photographer / Video shooter professional friend of mine recently went to the States and purchased a whole load of Adobe, Corel , and Pinnacle Software from there. He saved a fortune, even when taking into account the flights and hotel stay for a week! The software works without any problems on his machine.

I see this as someone capitalising, however in a alleged "wrong and possibly misleading way".

I understnad that its the law that any one doing business in the UK has to have their company details on their websites and email address. This should include their address, company number and VAT number , if applicable. I recall reading somewhere about it.

Have a look at this article from pcpro

click here

  brainstorm 17:48 04 Nov 2007

It seems 'regionalisation' may be my issue, ie US English rather than UK English. If that's all it is I can live with that.

Have I missed any other potential problems?

  spuds 19:15 04 Nov 2007

You have done the correct thing, by notifying your credit card company and Microsoft. Both should be able to help or perhaps resolve any problems. Buying from a USA company as left you in a bit of a dilemma regarding UK consumer laws or any warranty claims.Sending it back, or claiming a refund yourself from the seller, may prove to be not possible.

It was only recently that two finance houses (Alliance & Leicester and Tesco Finance) tried to get a ruling about section 75 overturned, regarding overseas purchases.

The 'gift' declaration on importation could have left you with some explaining to do,and extra heavy charges had the couriers or UK customs opened the package. So in the end, the 'bargain' could have cost you more in many ways.

  brainstorm 19:23 04 Nov 2007

Would there be any harm in opening it and using it until the seller arranges for it to be picked up (if that ever happens!). While I await a resolution I need the software and don't want to spend more money until or unless I can get my money back.

  sunny staines 19:36 04 Nov 2007

lots of people have bought vista and office 2007 while on holiday in the US with no problems.

  DieSse 20:01 04 Nov 2007

"Seems my main concern is whether or not it would work fully with no isues if I loaded a 'for distribution in US only' product."

I think your main concern is what you do when you need to enter your Product Key - which you don't have.

In fact I would foresee no problems with regionalisation or the fact it's a US copy per se.

  brainstorm 20:12 04 Nov 2007

I MAY have the product key - it may be in with the CD, its certainly not visible without opening the packaging. I'm tempted to have a look. I can see no harm as I will not be able to load it if its not there, so it will still be unused if not unopened.

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