MS Office student and teacher edition

  morsey 10:23 13 Apr 2005

My girlfreind needs office for the PC and since she is studying a distance learning course I suggested buying the student edition of Microsoft Office. However, it is not clear if she qualifies from the MS website.

Does anyone have any experience of this problem or any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  iscanut 10:34 13 Apr 2005

There is no check. You can just purchase the Student edition without any form of proof or otherwise. Just buy it !

  wee eddie 11:31 13 Apr 2005

frequently not quite that simple.

Buy the Box.

Fill in the Form.

Wait a couple of weeks for delivery. More at the beginning of the University Term time.

Usually this product does not contain Access.

  iscanut 12:26 13 Apr 2005

Sorry to differ, but I bought the box which contains the CDs. No more sending off cards. Just had to register either by card or online. If yo do buy it, check with retailer to ensure that CD is in the box !

  Kate B 12:40 13 Apr 2005

Me too - just bought it via Amazon. And John Lewis sells it in the bigger stores, too.

  bfoc 12:42 13 Apr 2005

She were doing a distance learning course via a HE (or some FE)institution(s) she could well be entitled to a 'select' licence which gives access to Office Professional (incl Access) for under £100!

One supplier is:
click here

But there may well be cheaper ones!

I believe that the standard student/teacher pack is now supplied on CD and there are minimal or no checks.

From Amazon Site:
Eligibility for student licence Students: Full or part-time student aged five or over enrolled on a course that will deliver an academic qualification publicly recognised by the Department for Education & Skills (DfES) or the Irish Department of Education (DOE)

Parents and guardians: Parents and guardians who have a child who is a qualifying student and wish to buy software for their child's educational use.

Teachers: Full or part-time registered to teach in a school, college or educational establishment recognised by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), the Irish Department of Education (DoE), or the Higher Education Authorities (HEAs).

  recap 13:50 13 Apr 2005

Anybody can now go and purchase a Student License version of Office.

I think Microsofts official slant on this is something on the lines of: We believe our customers to be honest when purchasing our products.

This was reported in the forums here some time ago, and I believe in the mag as well.

click here for a report dated Wednesday 5th December 2001.

  wee eddie 15:06 13 Apr 2005

That was the way it was done a while ago!

  interzone55 21:19 13 Apr 2005

The beauty of the "Student & Teacher" license is that it can quite leagally be installed on up to 3 machines, whereas the full versions can only be installed on 1 PC & 1 laptop.

  LUFC 22:57 13 Apr 2005

I purchases Studen & Teacher Office 2003 when it was released way back for about £90 and have now installed it successfully on 5 comps (my own, family etc) no questions asked on purchase or installation - why is everyone SOOOO paranoid???

  morsey 08:17 14 Apr 2005

thanks for all the posts - picked up a copy yesterday, and the CD was in the box and no questions asked.

I don't think it's about being paranoid, some retailers will not except the software back if you had a problem qualifying for the educational privilage. So to have a £100 useless package on your hand is the worry.

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