MS Office 365 questions

  wee eddie 13:31 08 Oct 2014

I have a couple of questions that seem to be being skirted around on the Sales Websites.

I know that the Software is web based but:

  1. Do I have to be connected to the Internet while I use it?

  2. Do I have to keep all relevant Files 'On-line' and, if so, will the On-line Storage maintain my current File Structure, or can I keep them all on my Hard Drive as now?

  3. Will Outlook 365 accept my current .pst file?

  wee eddie 13:34 08 Oct 2014


In Question 2. 'my current File Structure', should read, 'my current File & Folder Structure'.

  Forum Editor 18:58 08 Oct 2014
  1. Yes you do. If you go for the Business Premium subscription however you will also get a desktop version, so you can work offline. As soon as you go online your desktop version will sync all your files with your online version. Bear in mind the fact that if you have a fairly late version of Office already it will work with Office 365 - we're talking about Office 2010 onwards. When you sign up for Office 365 you'll get a little Microsoft present called Office desktop setup which does everything for you, including setting up the syncing with your current MS Office software. It uninstalls itself when its job is done.

  2. You create your file storage structure the way you like it. The files are yours, you can store them offline if you like.

  3. You can import information to Office 365 from your current version of Outlook.

  wee eddie 21:26 09 Oct 2014

FE: Thank you very much. That really answers all my questions.

I don't think that I shall be going the 365 way. My confidence in Cloud Security is limited and my whole life is on show if someone visit's my copy of Outlook. Which the nasties may access by chance.

Whereas, they can always break into my PC. They have to have singled me out

  Forum Editor 23:17 10 Oct 2014


I stand corrected, my experience is with the business version.

  compumac 17:01 11 Oct 2014

I have been looking at obtaining Office 365, but looking on the Amazon website that is showing it currently at £48.32/annum there are a lot of adverse comment about it. Looking on the Microsoft website the price is £59.99/annum. I also found a reference to the fact that you are able to download from third parties. Could the problem that are being commented on are because the purchase is through a third party and the third party are cocking it up?

  compumac 17:16 11 Oct 2014


As I understand it there are one month, a one year subscriptions to Office 365 either Personal (1 PC)or for up to 5 PC's. Are there any other versions other than these?

  compumac 17:17 11 Oct 2014


What is your overall opinion of Office 365 Personal? Any problems and are you using Word, Excel, Outlook and Access?

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