MS Office 2010

  HondaMan 11:28 29 Jun 2010

"With Office 2010, Microsoft hopes to find us all on the same electronic page"

Having used MSO 10 for a little while, I cannot get used to that ribbon and the fact that all my usual ease of use has disappeared. I shall be going back to Office 2003. Fortunately I backed up my files to a DVD BEFORE installing 2010 so going back should be easy - I hope.

Sorry Microsoft, but in my view, you've done it again!

  wiz-king 12:21 29 Jun 2010

I also went back to 2003.

  Boghound 13:00 29 Jun 2010

Using 2007 after 2003 and can't see any reason to change to 2010...All it does is keep IT journalists employed writing about reviews and tweaks, and add to the coffers of Big Bill!!

  HondaMan 18:52 29 Jun 2010

Yes, I agree. I never had 2007 and went straight from 2003 to 2010.

  Forum Editor 19:19 29 Jun 2010

but Office 2010 has left me distinctly underwhelmed.

Outlook - which I use constantly - is far too complex for its own good, and takes an age to send/receive.

I hate the stupid ribbon system - it's not intuitive, and is nowhere near as easy to work with as the 'old-fashioned' menu bar system.

I'm sorry, Microsoft, I really am, but this IT consultant is not going to migrate from Office 2007 unless/until you do some serious redesign work on the usability front.

  961 20:11 29 Jun 2010

We've used office 2000 for yonks but my daughter bought 2007 at a much reduced price through the college she attends

She finds it great, and even I can understand it, but reviews of 2010 seem to suggest little reason to upgrade

Call me old fashioned but I was a great fan of Outlook Express which did all I ever wanted so far as e-mail was concerned

  ams4127 22:40 29 Jun 2010

I tried Office 2007 for a few months, didn't like it and went back to using Wordperfect which I have been using since it first came out on a floppy disk all those years ago.

Incidentally, I spotted my first ever virus back in the late '80s when, while typing a letter, all the words crumpled up and fell down the screen to the bottom where they just lay in a pile!! I can't remember now what the message was which came up on the screen, though I do remember that it was quite amusing.

I did enjoy those happy days....ten minutes to write a letter, then two hours getting the PC and printer to talk to each other.

  Boghound 06:49 30 Jun 2010

@ Forum Editor

I agree....I also use Outlook a lot and now find it bloated to say the least...I migrated from 2003, which I still have on other PC's, and still find the creation of macro's a pain in 2007 and can't understand why they haven't devised a way of showing public holidays in the "To Do Bar"!!!

  ardubbleyu 08:03 30 Jun 2010

Office 2007 was a great improvement over 2003, and I think the same about 2010. It depends on what parts of the suite you're looking at - Word is not much changed, although version control is improved, same with Excel. Powerpoint is a whole lot better, and Publisher (which I use a lot and is the main reason for upgrading) is hugely improved. Horses for courses, I guess...

  HondaMan 08:59 30 Jun 2010

I'm glad I'm not the only one. And I thought I was weird not liking it!

  Pine Man 14:50 30 Jun 2010

'Yes, I agree. I never had 2007 and went straight from 2003 to 2010.'

This is probably the reason for your problem reported at click here.

It probably hasn't been fully removed.

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