MP3 Player but which one????

  User-542C727C-2405-4C6A-B90945D0C735856F 10:26 09 Aug 2004

I am thinking of buying an MP3 player for my wife for her birthday. Having looked at various web sites ie Apple, Creative etc i am no further forward in making a decision. I am after something that she can take on holiday and listen too on the beach as well as go running with it on. The operating system on my comp is win98SE (if that makes a difference)

Any advice will be greatfully excepted & i might finally make a decision!!!!!!!!!

  matt1234 10:44 09 Aug 2004

apple ipod

Good size and the new one has longer battery life and VERY easy to use Me and my mates have on ive got the 40gb hes got the 20gb and had no problem and about batteries!

  Crash 11:18 09 Aug 2004

I have the iriver ihp-120 (20gb) and I would have no hesitation on recommending it. You also get a digital remote and a carry case(which are extras on the ipod). The ipod mini is also worth a look.

  byfordr 15:56 09 Aug 2004

These guys are very good click here Normally next day delivery. The website is very detailed and I'm sure they could offer advice (The customer services was very good on the one occasion I needed to call them)

Personally would still recommend the i-river over the ipod. Its a) cheaper b) has better features (radio, battery life, voice recorder, headphones, case all extras with the ipod also sound quality and variety of formats it can play is better, and it is upgradeable through downloads) I like the black looks of the i-river. You get more choices of colour with the ipod.

The iriver ihp-140 is better value than the 120 (£30 or so more for 40gb storage compared to the 120s 20gb)

If you have a digital camera the new i-rivers are very good. You can hook the camera straight up to it (no pc needed) and use it to store pictures.



  stupeedo 18:03 09 Aug 2004

I've got an iPod (40Gb) but perhaps that wouldn't be suitable if she wishes to use it when running - try the iPod mini, they also come in fashionable designs (if she's that way inclined).

  Magik ®© 18:25 09 Aug 2004

there is only one, and that is the iRiver, does everything except make the tea,in the mag pc*** they did the road tests of them, and the iRiver was streets ahead..the hp140 holds about 14000 tracks...

  SOFTWARE SID 19:03 09 Aug 2004

Bought the 40gb I-river last Thursday. Broadly speaking, I'm very happy. Has all the bits you need for it to work 'out of the box' - and you can drag and drop tracks from the computer straight to the player.

Do beware though, that it's not as intuitive as a cassette or minidisc machine - some studying of the manual's required, and I'm still getting to grips with it myself!

It's also easier to control the machine via the FM tuner/remote than the slightly fiddly front button.

But the capacity should be preety tough to exhaust and the extra storage could be handy too.

  TomJerry 19:33 09 Aug 2004

Practical suggestion:

Solid state ones maybe better than HDD ones
If she wants to listen on the beach as well as go running with it.


Better suggestion:

I think she would love a IPod Mini, £174.99 click here. VERY VERY popular with teen girls.


  rickf 20:02 09 Aug 2004

For what its worth its better to get an Archos MPEG4 which records and plays just about here and check it out. It costs more but prices are falling all the time and you may want to wait a bit. I had a Creative Zen 30g and it was wonderful but upgraded because I wanted more than just MP3s to take with me when I travel. You won't regret it. Play back of everything is 1st class.

  Stuart Leyland 20:23 09 Aug 2004

Just take a moment to consider. Is she ever going to need 40GBs worth of music. That's (according to Magik ®©) 14,000 tracks. If we say the average track is 4 minutes, that's 56,000 minutes of music (almost 1000 hours worth). Is anyone ever going to listen to that much music? Does anyone beside a DJ have 14,000 tracks? Personally I can't see the need for 40GB. I would suggest going for one of the smaller MP3 players that has a 256-512MB capacity.

  stupeedo 20:52 09 Aug 2004

I've got a 128mb teeny, tiny Mp3 player.

I REALLY want it to hold 10x more songs :( spend too much time loading and unloading songs...

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