MP3 player iRiver H320

  Tvist 10:21 18 Apr 2005

I am considering buying one of these smart little Mp3 players from iRiver. I have some questions that I hope somebody who's already purchased one can answer.
Can you record directly from a turntable conected to the the line in?. Whats the difference between the H320 and the H320 Lite? Is the navigation menu as difficult as some people are saying it is?, and do they know of any of the large retailers that stock them so I could see one in the 'flesh'Thanks

  byfordr 09:06 20 Apr 2005

You could try click here as they have a pretty good questions and answers section.

I believe the light comes without the remote, and extended battery page.

Must admit not sure of the answer to your question about the turntable. But would think if you can connect it, you can record from it.



  byfordr 09:09 20 Apr 2005

I've got one of the earlier iriver 140s and have not found the navigation difficult. A case of RTFM! Or play around to find out what the buttons do.


  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:38 20 Apr 2005

assuming the iRiver has a normal line in, this would not work for the majority of turntables which require a phono pre-amp stage to raise the signal to line in level. However I have seen a number of new turntable models which have this phono amp stage built in, so these would be ok. The only caveat to this is they probably aren't the best quality you can buy.

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