MP3 player HD not garanteed

  Baz48 19:00 22 Apr 2006

I have a little used Samsung YH925 20GB MP3 player, baught in Spain 4 months ago. The hard drive has failed.
Samsung agreed it was in warranty and told me to send it to their repairer. The repairer has replied that the hard drive does not come under the warranty (Samsung's stipulation)and require £129 to repair it.
Considering that it is basically a hard drive with a screen, the warranty does not seem to cover much. Can they do this?

  Totally-braindead 19:12 22 Apr 2006

Wait till some of the others answer but I would say no. Its the same as buying a hard drive as far as I'm concerned and they come with a minimum on year guarantee, some come with a 3 year one now. Have you actually tried emailing Samsung direct and told them what the repairer told you? I can't believe that is right.

  Totally-braindead 19:13 22 Apr 2006

on = one.

  Forum Editor 19:16 22 Apr 2006

you can't exclude a single component in an electronic device from a warranty - especially if the device (as in this case) couldn't function without that component.

Your contract was with the supplier from whom you bought this device, not with Samsung, and not with Samsung's nominated repairer. Again, under UK law you are protected against faults for the first six months after purchase - the law assumes that the fault was present on the day you bought the device, and the supplier (not the manufacturer) is liable to you for repair or replacement.

  Baz48 19:27 22 Apr 2006

As I bought this unit in Spain, actually, Tennerife, which is outside of the EU, I'm not sure that UK law applies.

Samsung did agree it came under their world wide warranty and did not mention any restrictions when I described the fault.

This is the first time I have bought anything like this abroad, for precisely this reason.

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