Mozilla 1.6 beats Internet Explorer, agreed?

  TOPCAT® 17:33 29 Feb 2004

Here's the exhortations from the latest devotee of Mozilla. What's your opinion on this browser? Haven't tried it myself yet. TC.

click here

  Stuartli 17:45 29 Feb 2004

As I've never used it - and I suspect many others - it would be pointless to make any comments.

Found it quicker, but some sites just didnt want to work....

  ams4127 19:35 29 Feb 2004

I can't see any point in changing. IE6 is here, it's part of my machine and it works perfectly.

So I might save the odd millisecond here or there but it really doesn't seem worth the bother.

  PurplePenny 19:40 29 Feb 2004

I do prefer it to IE, I like Mozilla Firefox even more. But many of the things that people are praising (tabbed browsing, pop-up stoppers, cookie control, smart download management) have been available from Opera for a long time and I prefer the way Opera handles pop-ups. I prefer the way Mozilla Thunderbird handles mail to Opera's mail which is horribly confusing (though I think that Pesala will disagree with me there). I don't use Mozilla mail because Moz is on the PC with Opera and as I'm using Opera as my browser I let it get my mail too (confusing as it is).

It is true that some sites don't like Moz/Firefox. They don't like Opera either but you can tell Opera to identify itself as IE and that makes some sites work.


  TOPCAT® 19:46 29 Feb 2004

I quite agree that IE6 works fine as it does on this machine.

Security would be my contention, as I seem to recall that Mozilla is just as prone to invasion as IE. More so I would think, with Mozilla's open source code being widely available. TC.

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