Movie Download Time

  Alan-228723 21:37 24 Jul 2003

I've ordered a new PC with a DVD Rewriter. Does anybody know how long it will take to download an average movie with dial up connection? Also, anybody know of any good sites to download from?

  powerless 22:02 24 Jul 2003

You cannot dwnload movies in this country legally. (as i'm aware)

But downlaod time on dial up connection. Be quicker to buy it...

  Tim1964 22:35 01 Aug 2003

Assuming the DVD was about 3Gb, at 56kb (3mins per Mb)it works out just over 17 YEARS. (not counting the 2hr cutoffs of course)

  AMD 4 ever 22:52 01 Aug 2003

not legally. Why would you want to do this???? just rent the dvd for £3.

  rickf 23:10 01 Aug 2003

It is simply not possible to download such a big file with a 56k.It'll be cheaper to rent the dvd.

  User-312386 23:33 01 Aug 2003

I am on 512kb broadband

to download a movie took me approx 2hours, thats with an allways on connection

You have to remember with dial up you get disconnected etc etc

There is no way that you can download a movie on 56k

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