moved home but BT phone still active

  finerty 21:42 26 Sep 2013

Ive moved to a new home and have discovered the previous owner hasnt stopped his Bt line or his broadband wedont have a broadband router.

I havent made any phone calls but who is laible to disconnect it. me or theprevoiusowner

  finerty 21:43 26 Sep 2013

sirry my space bar is playing up

  lotvic 22:33 26 Sep 2013

I would notify BT of the situation then you can't be held liable for any bills.

Previous owner will be liable for his own bills and the final settlement of his broadband contract.

  BT 08:34 27 Sep 2013

Can you still make calls on the line?

I think you will find that even if the previous occupant has terminated his service the line will still have a dial tone. BT don't normally physically disconnect the line now they just disable the service. You will find the line will still be available for emergency 999 calls but nothing else.

We still have a BT line from 8 years ago when we moved here but its not active as I've detailed above. We don't use it as we have Virgins services.

  spuds 09:54 27 Sep 2013

If you can still make calls from the line, then notify BT, because someone's account might be still active and racking up monthly charges. You wouldn't want a demand letter popping in the door, then trying to explain at a later date!.

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