Move over Pop Idol, more kids dream of IT success?

  spikeychris 18:26 19 Aug 2003

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What a BORING bunch of little darlings they must be. I'd love to see how the question was posted. I'm out and about in Lancashire every day and the popular misconception that all kids know how to use a PC is just that...a myth. Yeah they know how to command a joystick whilst killing and hiding and plotting etc but MOST haven't a clue how it works.

Thank god I had a childhood before I joined the virtual world.....


  Sir Radfordin 18:28 19 Aug 2003

"desire to work with exciting technology"

Someone should point out to the poor sods that you don't want to go into IT if you want to deal with exciting technology. Beige box, flat screen, mouse...doesn't get much better than that :))

  powerless 18:38 19 Aug 2003

You'll see that in the next issue of PCA ;-))))

"But we won't hold our breath for a series of IT Idol, with Bill Gates judging aspiring geeks' programming skills." - geeks? :-( it is that word that makes me scream...

  chris6891 18:50 19 Aug 2003

more pc users then pop idols? maybe kids realise that their chances of fame arent exactly good? in which case they might have to get an actual career? Also wasnt the sample of 100 kids? not exactly representative....

  spikeychris 19:03 19 Aug 2003

The reasons given for the popularity of IT were a high salary (34 percent).....I know administrators that are on 14K a year.......

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:14 19 Aug 2003

'I know administrators that are on 14K a year.......' or have lost their jobs to Bombay. In fairness, most people know how to drive a car but few know how it works. ;-))


  powerless 19:20 19 Aug 2003

Hmm...What if you know how it works but havnt yet passed the drivng test?

Like me.

  spikeychris 19:23 19 Aug 2003


  powerless 19:55 19 Aug 2003

lol - i like that one!

  plankton 14:07 21 Aug 2003

There's more money and job stablility in Refuse Collection!

Where do people get their info from anyway? Is it "The Media" who know sfa about the Real World? I pity the kids who are being pushed in this way. The teachers should be pointing them in the right direction, or perhaps they're misinformed as well because of the limelighters on rubbish fly-on-the-wall programs???

And, what if you know how it works, have passed your test and can't afford the fuel?

  plankton 14:27 21 Aug 2003

Hang about - they may have something after all!!

Perhaps they're thinking about creating a TV program called PC SOS, where a team of so-called computer experts rush to the aid of some nutter who's attempted to upgrage a P1 win'95 with P4 XP hardware and applications??? and then they could have a PC idol program to get flash-in-the-pan experts to appear on it!?

No - I've changed me mind...good luck kids. Remember this idea is copyright to PC Advisor now I've written here.....

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