Motherboard upgrade - will it make the difference?

  Bailey08787 13:32 30 Dec 2003


I have had the following motherboard for about 2 years click here& It's an Intel d850md. It's done me fine, but I would now like to upgrade to click here - which is a gigabyte 875 chipset, with 800fsb and bells and whistles.

But I'm curious to know whether once I replace my old board with this one, whether I will notice any real benefits in performance. I will of course need to replace my 1.8ghz P4 (400fsb) with something like a 2.6ghz P4 (800fsb) - which will indeed boost performance. But could I buy a cheaper board, and not really notice the difference?

I'd also have to replace by 768b rdram (800mhz) with slower ddram (probably a gig of DDR 3200 400mhz)

Any advice welcome.


  rickf 13:59 30 Dec 2003

You will most certainly experience the benefits. There again it depends on what you do with it. If you were to edit video eg you will see the difference but for word processing there will be very noticeable improvement. Why not buy a m/b w/o onboard graphics. Its much cheaper and you can put the savings towards a good graphics card. Gigabyte is a good choice in my experience.Also try to take advantage of the dual channel capability from the start when buying memory. Go for it, you'll not regret it.

  Bailey08787 14:28 30 Dec 2003

thanks for your advice rick. as far as i'm aware the gigabyte 81875 doesn't have onboard graphics (?)

With regards to graphics, I have a Ti4400 at the moment click here - which I'm planning to whip out of the current motherboard, and slot into the new one.

With regards to your advice on memory, I take it you're just suggesting that i buy ddr ram? (or were you suggesting something else?)


  Rayuk 15:43 30 Dec 2003

re memory
I think rickf means to buy 2 sticks not 1 to take advantage of the dual channel capability,but as you stated you will most probably get 1gig I would have thought it would be 2 x 512Mb.
But a good point to make just in case you end up just getting 512

  rickf 16:43 30 Dec 2003

Rayuk beat me to it. As long as the m/b is dual memory capable you might as well take advanyage of it by buying two identical sticks and slot them in their respective slots for dual memory ie 2x256 3200ddr or 2x512 3200ddr. I have 2x512 3200ddr. They must be identical to be on the safe side.

  Bailey08787 10:24 31 Dec 2003

anybody know when these motherboards with super-fast pci slots are going to be released? (think they're called "pci express") - which I believe will replace agp slots too

  Rayuk 11:07 31 Dec 2003

click here

Looks like 2nd quarter 2004 at the earliest

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