motherboard manual

  picklesy 16:16 21 Jul 2004

sent email to bona computech through a link from Dumble452(thank you)i was looking for a mobo. manual that you can,t get online.i recieved email back from deanne young asking for my address and they would forward a manual to me.i done this and it arrived first class post the following day,at no expence to my self.(payment was offered)the reason i am putting this post in is i would be the first to complain about bad service.although this was a second hand mobo not supplied by this company they still found it within there selfs to supply me with the manual.praise where it,s due.

  spuds 19:03 21 Jul 2004

picklesy..Best to provide a link to your previous posting, otherwise others may not know what you are hinting at. click here

  spuds 19:06 21 Jul 2004

Forgot to add..Glad that you managed to obtain the manual, in the end.Another company that gives good customer service, by the look of it.

  Dorsai 19:09 21 Jul 2004

Well said.

It's a fact of life that bad news traveels faster than good.

I once went on a course and was told that if a person has a bad experiance with a company they on average tell 10 others, but if a good experiance, they tell none. After all they expect the good.

I have found my nearest branch of PC world most helful (When i can actually find a staff member to start with). I needed 8 HDD mounting screws. I had bought two new HDD's and the were OEM boxed, so shipped with no fittings etc.

I could not find any in the shop and asked a bloke behind the counter. He went and looked in the shop, then went out back.

'Sorry mate, we have run out. I'll go and see if i can find some though, just hang on.'

A couple of minutes later he returned with an arm load of plactic bits boxes, and searched through them. Lo and behold, 8 screws were found. He had the bit's boxes from the repair center. all the left over screws, jumpers, odds and sods left over from when they have fitted an upgrade to a PC and had a bit left.

others slate PC world, but my local branch is well halpful, and the staff know what they are at.

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