Mary_S 21:30 08 May 2012


Can someone tell me when I must get a MOT test done on my car? It was a brand new car purchased in July 2009. The registered date is 10th July 2009. D0 I need get one done before this date? , or am I correct in my understanding that I must get one done before the end of the 2012?

  tullie 21:41 08 May 2012

From memory i think when you get your reminder to renew your road tax,it tells you that an mot is required.

  Flak999 22:08 08 May 2012

It's three years from the date of first registration!

  spuds 23:36 08 May 2012

Check with an MOT station, because they can issue you with a 13 month certificate, so getting it done slightly earlier might be to your advantage.

There are some alterations due, on how MOT's are going to be done either this year or next. Further items are to be added, which could possibly include tyre age?.

  birdface 07:14 09 May 2012

On or before the 9th July 2012.

You can have it done a month before but not after the date above.If not done by above date you would be driving illegally and liable to be stopped and charged by the Police.

  cruiser2 18:19 09 May 2012

As flak999 says it is three years from the date of first registration. Rules on MOT testing have recently altered. It now includes the opening and closing from the inside of every door. Also every warning light has to be working correctly. This could be expensive on modern cars with electronoc circuitry. Audio equipment is not yet included. Suggest you go to a local MOT testing station and ask for details of what is included and when it should be done. Check on cost. You may be able to get a reduction especially if you have a service at the same time. Small indepentend garages are usually cheaper than main dealers.

  mark2 20:27 09 May 2012

With a date of 1st registration of 10th July 2009, you have to have a valid mot certificate from 10 July 2012, the earliest you can have an Mot and have and retain the July date is 11th June 2012.

Wikipedia has some information to view. Be aware though that even a car as young as 3 yrs old can fail. (the last figures I saw suggested approx 40% do) In my experience the most common failures with newer vehicles are lights, wash/wipe and tyres. Even simply forgetting to top up the washers can lead to a fail, as the vehicle has to be tested as presented.

some simple checks

Older vehicles can suffer the sort of problems seen here

Currently the only "electronic" dash lights that come into the mot are the ABS light, SRS and airbag lights have been put on hold for the moment for the elevant legislation to be passed.

  carver 06:41 10 May 2012

Can I suggest that you take it back to the garage you bought it from and arrange for them to MOT it at the same time you have the 3 year service.

This way any problems will still be covered by any warranty you have on the car.

  birdface 08:35 10 May 2012


Sell it or trade it in and buy a new one.No MOT needed for 3 years.But only if you can afford it.

  caccy 17:52 11 May 2012

You can download the latest official MOT inspection manual from here.

  mark2 19:28 11 May 2012

To back up some of my post above BBC Video

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