More Tiscali woes!

  ivesy 19:03 26 Apr 2007

My parents received an email the other day saying that on the 24 April they wouldn't be able to access the interent for approx. 2 hours for some reason or another.

Well today the 26th they still can't get on!

My Geordie Pensioner Mother has had great difficulty understanding the person on the "helpline"!

So before I ring I was wondering if there any other Tiscali users out there who have experienced this? Does anyone know a decent telephone number I can ring or an address at Tiscali I can contact?

What's rubbing the salt in is their website is advertising the £12.99 package my parents are on for £9.99 to new customers!

This really is the last straw with them. I was also wondering if anyone can suggest an alternative to Tiscali? My parents are pensioners and wouldn't need speeds much more than 1Mb and they rarely download anything.

As usual your help here would be most appreciated.

  acxxxx 01:05 27 Apr 2007

Nearly everyone has problems with their isp from time to time (at the minute mine is dreadful and may I add more expensive than £12.99) Changing to a new isp is not as straight forward as you may think, you will probably need a mac code from tiscali something your parents will want you to sort out. Try to sort out this problem first by phoning (you can get help here if needed) and if they want to change later go from there

  spuds 10:20 27 Apr 2007

All ISP's have their off days and Tiscali are in the same boat as most. Service maintenance can come in all shapes and fashions, and that is why Tiscali sent an advisory email. I had one recently from Tiscali about fitting their equipment in the local exchange, and the email stated that I may not have a service for a number of hours, when the changeover took place. Never happened, the service was uninterrupted, or at least it was not noticeable. I wonder what the cry would have been, if Tiscali had gone ahead, and disrupted service without notification!.

Regarding the offers Tiscali make on occasions, then this can either apply to new customers, usually with a special low rate for a number of months (3), before reverting to the 'correct' price. Or to present customers who can open a lower 'upgrade' charge account via their on-line account box. I was originally paying £17.99 per month, for many months, before I realised the service was cheaper if I made a few changes. I have now changed down to £14.99 per month for the same service, just by making a few adjustments in my account 'upgrade' facility, so saving approx £36.00 per year for a 2Mb service, with promise of 'upto' 8Mb service when it becomes available. Making various checks, I should in theory be only able to gain a 5.3Mb connection, due to exchange location.

Tiscali like all other ISP's do not provide special 'translation' services to different local dialects, so a Geordie speaking to a Brummie or Cockney or even someone from an Asian subcontinent, then that's the way of life's little inconveniences, something not to everyone's taste, but something that most people have to bear from time to time.

If I remember rightly, Tiscali gave a special telephone number in the 'maintenance' email, if the service did not reconnect on the day and time stated. Did you contact that telephone number!. If the problem and complaint is serious enough, then you could try 'higher level complaints' 01483 363490 or Tiscali main office 0207 0872000.

  Stuartli 13:45 27 Apr 2007

When I was with Tiscali, regularly checking its Upgrade/Downgrade facility resulted several times in financial gain for an improved service or lower cost...:-)

  ivesy 16:09 27 Apr 2007

Thanks for the replies.

It seems to be working again!

I did a system restore back to Monday and after I did this (maybe coincidentally) we were able to get back online. Albeit at 1Mb not the ususal 2.2mb.

I take onboard Spud what you are saying but it is infuriaing when things like this happen and you ring call centre staff who just seem to read through a list of possible reasons why you can't get connected (regardless of which country you are ringing!)and think you are more technically minded than what you are.

I'm with Sky at the moment and only pay £5 per month but would gladly pay 3 or 4 times this for a decent service. It's taken me 15 minutes to get online now!

I'm looking into the offer Tisali has. They have done this before though ie over charging my parents!

Thanks again

  Stuartli 17:01 27 Apr 2007

Why would you want to change your parents....:-)

  ened 17:09 27 Apr 2007

For future reference if it is necessary I have a direct-dial number and the name of a person who eventually sorted out most of my problems.

If you would like this please just mail me.

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