More MESH woes...

  ian1000rx 16:42 02 Dec 2009


Warning, rant coming up. Sorry.

Having seen rave reviews of MESH products in several publications, after waiting for the release of Windows 7 I finally bit the bullet and blew the best part of £1600 on a new PC with them.

That was on the 26th October.

I've been using their on-line tracking to see how things were progressing. It took a while for the bits to come in, which is fair enough as the spec included one of the very latest i7 processors and two of the new 5770 graphics cards.

On November 18th the status changed to "Production started, system build in progress". Joy, thinks I. Should be getting it soon...

Time moves on, and on the 26th November I phone them up at 9:00. A nice lady says she'll have to email production and they will call me back.

I'd not been called back by 2:30pm so I rang agan. A man then tells me that the components were in stock and it should only be a few days. I pointed out that the status had shown that this was the case since the 18th of November. Bloke then phones production, who say there has been a problem with the PSU. A new one is expected in the following day, and if that doesn't work they'll upgrade to a better PSU at no cost and ship so it is with me "at the begining of next week".

i.e. this week. Today is Wednesday, which is the middle of the week not the begining in my book. There's been no change in the on-line status.

So at 9:20 this morning I phone again. Man tells me he's got to go down to production in a little while and will phone me back in about an hour.

No response by 1:40pm so I call again. New bloke presumeably phones production. I'm now told there is a problem with the CPU, there'll be a new one in by Friday so I should get the PC "early next week" which he quickly revised to "middle of next week".

So this sounds suspiciously similar to the routine I went through the week before.

I'm getting a bit agitated now, and express my concerns that this might not happen, that they've had my £1600 for over a month now,and that I shouldn't really be having to chase them to find out what's going on.

Bloke then repeatedly informs me that there is no problem, the PC is built (just waiting for the CPU?) and if I check the on line status it will say so. I check this while still on the phone and of course it hasn't changed. I finish the conversation with the parting shot that if I haven't seen a status change online in the next couple of days I'll be phoning again.

What else can I do?!

Sorry again for the rant. Having searched the forums (too late!) I now realise that there are many people in the same boat as me, and that no-one will really care about this.

Has anyone managed to get a satifactory result from Mesh recently? Are there any magic numbers to call other than the usual support lines? Does anyone have the name of anyone senior there to ask for? I've seen posts from a "davey" from Mesh Support - are you out there, Davey?!

  spuds 16:50 02 Dec 2009
  961 17:02 02 Dec 2009

Two options

Give them written notice by special delivery that you wish to cancel and receive full refund.
At the same time advise the credit card company of the situation
If an attempt is made to deliver decline to accept

They'll refund but will probably take the full 30 days they are allowed

Alternatively, give them 7 days to deliver saying time is now of the essence and if delivery does not take place by 10th December a full refund is required

I know which option I'd choose

Buy a Dell. They usually deliver on time and their stuff is well built and tested

  M1kee 17:11 02 Dec 2009

Mesh do not return calls, their Customer Service is appalling.I had to wait seven weeks for my computer and heard every excuse you have just written about. The misery is just starting. If you want my advice, follow their procedure to get your money back. I wish I had.

  ian1000rx 18:51 02 Dec 2009

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Well I'll give davey's email a try, and see where I stand at the end of the week.

I really don't want to have to resort to a refund - I want the PC! - but if it's not got to turn up then I don't suppose I've got much option.

Thanks again,


  Input Overload 18:53 02 Dec 2009

I would be parked in the managers car park space when he got to work one morning sat on the bonnet. Disgusting service, as 961 says get a Dell. They might not be cutting edge but they deliver on time & after sales is second to none.

I thought Mesh were improving but it looks like they are going back to their old ways of not returning calls etc. Give them a reasonable specified date for delivery or you want your beer tokens back.

  M1kee 22:24 02 Dec 2009

You will not get a reply from Davey by email. He only deems to reply direct to a thread. Another sure sign of top notch customer service.

  KremmenUK 06:55 03 Dec 2009

Then spam his email inbox until he does !

I considered Mesh a while ago but this post certainly puts me off.

I'm a Novatech fan, never had any problems and they have many ways to obtain advice and support:

On-line chat

  spuds 11:50 03 Dec 2009

Perhaps that is why people are saying Davey doesn't answer email nowadays, because of people spamming him, and not asking for help in a civilised manner.

Davey use to respond very promptly to PCA forum members, but I suppose there is a point, when a decision as to be made on peoples intentions!.

  birdface 11:58 03 Dec 2009

Ordered on the 26th October and you have not got it yet.
I think i would have been looking for a refund about a fortnight ago.
I am afraid I do not have your patience ordering and paying £1.600 for a new computer that has not been dispatched after 6 weeks is a joke.
There are lots of firms out there to choose from that would be glad of your custom.
Not sure what is the matter with mesh at the moment they used to come highly recommended but in the last year or so there have been a few complaints about them.
It is time they got their act together again and do what they were good at.
Selling good computers.
Just go to PCA search forum and type in Mesh Computers.
Most of the problems have been minor like putting in wrong parts without telling the buyer first.
But maybe just enough to put them of from buying there again.
I have never used them so cannot comment on there product only what I have read on different threads.
Most customers seem to like them but a few like yourself get of to a bad start and it puts them off.
lets hope that you get it sorted soon one way or the other.

  ian1000rx 12:15 03 Dec 2009

Newsflash - I've just had a very comprensive response from Davey.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty it seems it has been, as I suspected, largely a stock shortage issue, compounded by a batch of faulty components.

Everything is built, we're just wait for the CPU.

I'm happy to accept this for now (a few more days wont' make any difference!), and see how this rides out. I'll keep you posted...

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