more memory or new processor?

  timbuck 10:14 13 Oct 2004

Im new to all this so this may seem a stupid question. I have 512 of ram, and a P4 1.9ghz processor, should i invest in more ram? or a new processor, a friend told me my machine would be much faster with 1ghz of ram....

  Rwstill 10:46 13 Oct 2004

Your friend is right, get more memorie mine as 1.5 ghz and it is really fast.

  JonnyTub 12:47 13 Oct 2004

512 mb of ram is quite enough for windows xp, the bigger differences are seen when upgrading from smaller amounts, i.e. 128mb ram to 256 or 512mb. There will be little performave increase going from 512mb to say 768 or 1 gig and beyond unless your using the pc for memory intensive tasks such as video editing and encoding, etc, more memory in this area would be very beneficial. With regard to your processor, 1.9ghz is by no means slouchy, only when your comparing it to the latest and greatest. This is my personal opinion but unless your doing the memory intensive tasks then upgrade the processor.

Then again if your happy with the way it performs, leave it alone and tell your friend there's nowt wrong with it. :-)

  Diodorus Siculus 14:24 13 Oct 2004

As JonnyTub infers, it will all depend on what you do with the PC. What do you use it for?

I honestly see little difference with my 1.333ghz Athlon / 512mb RAM against my friends 4.06ghz PIV with 1024 RAM.

Sure, MS Word opens a second faster and perhaps if we were into video editing it would make a difference but for general use I don't notice anything different.

Benchmarking is a classic way to highlight perceived inadequacies - ignore them if you are happy with what you have.

Software tweaks can make a difference though: see the links I posted at click here

  Diemmess 18:07 13 Oct 2004

Are you sure your PC is slow?

If it has not changed recently then with the "Law of diminishing returns" a lot more money on top of your present system will not do very much for you, present spec being very reasonable.

If however you think it has slowed significantly since you started with it, then the answer lies in all the complications of tweaking the software, clearing out rubbish and so on.

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