Moral Dilema

  Coffee Adict 14:00 13 Jul 2008

I ordered four items from Argos, the two larger items arrived okay on the day specified. Two smaller items that I ordered did not arrive.

Phoned customer service on the Thursday and was given a spiel about drivers scanner not working and couldn't be loaded on van, but would be delivered Friday. No show.

Phoned again Monday and was told one item was out of stock and I had been refunded on my credit card, fine, other small item was a bumper pack of batteries, we agreed they were unlikely to arrive now and that item would be credited also, cost was £2.99.

Have just checked my credit card statement on line and have received refund of £9.93 for out of stock item, but also a refund of £22.98. I suspect this is a typo error.

One of the items I ordered was a digital set top box, as it transpired the scart cable supplied is faulty, luckly I had a spare one which solved the problem. This I discovered after doing some intense googling trying to find a resolution to my problem (perfect sound, but rolling picture), which of course saved me the probable next step of spending very reluctantly on a new digital aerial.

So do I tell them or not.

  Pine Man 14:05 13 Jul 2008

Do you really need to ask?

  spuds 14:10 13 Jul 2008

Do you tell them what!.

The refund of £22.98 or the faulty scart lead. Personally, I would call in the local Argos store and their customer services and let them deal with the matter, by explaining the situation. If this is not possible, then a telephone call or email might help.

Having had a small number of things via Argos delivery, without any problems, then this is a thing that might require noting in case Argos are slipping on their usually high standards.

  ronalddonald 15:06 13 Jul 2008

order form them again well could do that and shop around other websites or go to a an asda store see if they doing god deals.

Does the £22.98 include any delivery charge refund

  Forum Editor 15:20 13 Jul 2008

"order form them again"

Why not?

  Forum Editor 15:22 13 Jul 2008

I don't see one.

  beeuuem 15:29 13 Jul 2008

Of course you tell them of the errror.
I had a similar situation recently with Sainsburys - a double refund of some £25-00, one from the local store and one from the online centre.
When I pointed this out to them they said it was an error but I should keep both of them.
Although there are those who would disagree, honesty really is the best policy and can reap dividends.

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