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Monitor recommendations - for eye strain

  Cactus23 10:53 28 Apr 2016

Dear all

Some background info:

I currently own 2 monitors - BenQ XL2420T and Dell U2412M - in use for approximately 4 years. This is a double monitor setup.

I use the monitors for long hours - for work and gaming. Last year, my eyes would get fatigued after long hours of use. I realised that for years, the brightness setting has been really high on my monitors. Turning that down has helped. Also, I have invested in Gunnar Optiks glasses to reduce the glare. That has helped a lot too.

I'll soon be getting a new gaming PC and will probably look into new monitors. On that note, can anyone help me with the following:

Are there any recommendations for height adjustable 24 inch monitors that do as much as possible to protect the eyes.

I understand that no monitor can ever be a substitute for regular breaks. I have heard of the BenQ eye care monitor range - but don't know much about it's effectiveness.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  FameRuiz 10:33 29 Apr 2016

You should look for a monitor that doesn't have LED PWM Dimming or is Flicker-Free. But that's just the starting point. You strain your eyes when you focus on small things so you should buy something that is big and has high resolution. Then adjust the scaling until you're comfortable reading. Also, don't maximize the your monitor's brightness. Instead, find the medium between a dark room and a bright room since it's better for your eyes.

I've heard about BenQ too and Asus has eye care monitors as well.

  Old Deuteronomy 13:03 29 Apr 2016

I would suggest you get a 27" monitor with a 1920x1080 resolution and a flicker-free backlight. Going for a higher resolution, then adjusting the scaling, will not work as well and means you are paying for a higher resolution you will, in effect, not be using.

TFTCentral would be a good place to look for reviews and includes a flicker-free database and a user forum.

  Cactus23 20:26 29 Apr 2016

Thanks for all of the feedback so far - really helpful :-)

  wee eddie 21:07 29 Apr 2016

Using two monitors is, in itself, likely to cause a certain level of eyestrain. Particularly if you are trying to follow fast moving action across both Monitors.

I would suggest that a single, wide, monitor would put less strain on your eyes focusing muscles. Of course, that is just a theory. I have no evidence to support the thought

  hssutton 11:08 03 May 2016

Recently I bought an Asus MX27AQ 27" IPS WQHD Monitor and dumped my 2 monitor setup. Blue light is adjustable, it's flicker free. The downside is it's not height adjustable,not a problem for me. if you want it higher then place a block of wood under it. Due to age and many hours a day on the PC (photography) I was getting eye strain. this single monitor has improved things considerably for me.

Asus MX27AQ 27" IPS WQHD

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