Monitor LGX173F - does anyone have one?

  marble 16:58 07 Jan 2003
  marble 16:58 07 Jan 2003

I am asking because :

We are on our third one - the original has been replaced twice. Original was OK for about 11 months then fizzled and stopped powering on (during a period of extended problems with the base unit) - the replacement was OK for about 2 months then stopped powering on - the second replacement was received today (hope for better luck this time).

I must confess to being a little rattled with this monitor because we ordered a system in Oct 2001 which was supposed to come with LG Flatron LG775FT - the base unit was a Birthday present for my hubby and the monitor was an Xmas pressy for me (I desperately wanted an LG775FT!) but when the system arrived it had the LGX173F instead. On querying the supplier I was told it was the same, as LG also make under the name Logix and it was the model they were supplied with! I was annoyed that my Invoice described the PC as “The Award Winning xxxxxx CDRW PC System” – because it didn’t come with the spec. which helped make it “Award Winning” as far as I was concerned.

Several weeks after buying it, the supplier’s website still described it as coming with the LG Flatron LG775FT. (PCA’s Superbudget PCs reviews on the system ran for 2 or 3 months – PCA had given it an Award). (No – I am NOT having a pop at PCA, just mentioning that I am talking about what was supposed to be a well-thought-of system – I respect and revere PCA too much to do so!).

I had chosen to buy from this supplier because of the Monitor provided. I had also recommended this particular system to 2 people and they both got what was described – we ordered it a few weeks after they did and alas ….. I didn’t get my beloved Monitor - I have been using an old 15” and for a while had to use an even older 14” - my hubby used the LGX173F as I didn’t want it.

The base unit was fine for about 11 months, but spent most of the rest of its Warranty period going up and down between the supplier and our house - it is still feeling a bit fragile, despite having new PSU – 2 new HDDs – hard cabling replaced – motherboard replaced (but faults continued so original one put back in) – new fascia (as it had been cracked in transit).

Is it possible that something in the system is causing all these Monitors to turn their toes up - or is it just an unreliable Monitor model?

Machine spec is Win 98SE - GeForce2 MX400 - 256MB SD133 RAM – Creative Soundblaster PCI 128 – Athlon 1.2 CPU – Asus A7VE – internal modem – CDRW – DVD - machine is networked.

We would love to solve this irritation - does anyone have any clues please?


FE - sorry, I really could not decide if I should post this on Consumerwatch or Helproom – perhaps you would refer it to the most appropriate forum - thank you.

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