Monitor dead pixel policies

  george 16:41 21 Apr 2006


This was previously discussed but have just noticed it has been marked as completed.

Your thoughts on this?

I have just bought a Philips 19" 190P5ES from PabsDirect via Ebay click here

click here

link here for same item.

The monitor has three defective sub pixels meaning I have a bright "always on" white spot practically in the middle of the screen. Pabsdirect have refused to replace it as there is not enough or clusters of dead pixels to warrant a replacement.
I defy anyone to be annoyed about this as it is like a torch beam when viewing something dark or black.
Philips were going to replace the item but have since changed their minds (this might change again). The additional problem with Philips is that the monitors being sold by Pabsdirect are more than a year old - but are described as new.
Any advice of where to go next to have this resolved?

  TOPCAT® 21:42 21 Apr 2006

Hi george - all I can do is link you to Philips (UK) pixel policy and their terms for a replacement. TC.

click here

  Totally-braindead 22:11 21 Apr 2006

They may well be new just old stock hence being sold on Ebay. Regarding the dead pixels its well known what the returns policy is on TFTs so I'm afraid I can't see a solution.

There is one thing which does work but it depends on whether the pixels are dead or stuck. If they are stuck rubbing them softly with a cotton bud may bring them back. It did for me I had a red one and it did the trick.

  george 23:32 21 Apr 2006

Thanks for that. The cotton bud did not work, good idea though. What I have is an always "on" white spot in the middle of the screen which is ok here but on something dark it is like torch light.

Given that there is no chance to examine the item before you buy such a problem should allow you to return it - or at least get money off the price.

If I sold you damaged goods, or something not quite 100% you would rightly want your money back. Why are things so different when it comes to PC's.
We accept software that does not work, hardware that crashes our system, incompatible parts and we do nothing about it. Why is that?
God help us it was applied to modes of transport, cars, buses, trains, bikes etc.
Would I win in court if my agument said the product was not "complete" or perfect working order?
The item was described as "in perfect working order", checked before it was posted.
It still looks as if I am stuck with £200 of annoying goods that I do not really want but cannot get rid of.
What would happen if I sold this on?? Look out E-Bay here I come.



  TOPCAT® 23:34 21 Apr 2006

states "They may well be new just old stock hence being sold on Ebay." I notice the pixel policy download is dated August 2004 and a 190P5 was listed on it then. I think the additional 'ES' may have to do with the surround and its colour, but I could be wrong on that. TC.

  ened 06:41 22 Apr 2006

but I always buy [monitor] from a store where I can get a verbal agreement that even if it is only one pixel, they will change it.

As you say right smack in the middle of the screen is unacceptable yet the manufacturers seem to have decreed that a certain percentage of dead pixels is allowed.

  Totally-braindead 10:24 22 Apr 2006

I appreciate what you are saying George I really do. TFTs are not the same as software or indeed other kinds of hardware. I must admit when I bought my TFT I was extremely concerned about this, I didn't want to be in the same situation as you unfortunatly have ended up with.
I wish I could give you some magic solution that would allow you either to return it for another perfect one or for a full refund but I'm afraid I have no such advice. The returns policies on TFTs is well known and since yours doesn't have enough dead pixels to qualify it looks like you are stuck with it unless someone else can come up with another option.
When I was buying a TFT I was so concerned about it I discovered that 2 manufacturers made TFTs that were guaranteed to be "dead pixel free", they were a lot more expensive however and when I emailed the companies concerned for info on this they never replied. So I ended up with a cheap one which fortunatly is ok.
Just a thought, I don't suppose a Credit Card was involved on the payment was it? If so they MIGHT be something you can do regarding that. What exactly I'm not sure but it is worth thinking about.

  george 13:41 22 Apr 2006


Thanks for the replies. I will look at the credit card option and see what they have to ay on the matter.
I will also try trading standards as it is stated on the site that the item has been professionally tested to be in perfect working order.
At the end of the day I may just have to live with it. In all other aspects it is a tremendous bit of kit and even if last years model well worth the money paid for an item still selling at over £300.
Will keep you posted.

  Totally-braindead 16:43 22 Apr 2006

I've had another look at the advert, it doesn't say they are new at all, it says as-new in the description but New in the bit at the top marked condition. Plus it only gives a 3 month warranty. If it is New then surely you are entitled under the sale of goods act to the one year warranty required by law. Unless of course this is a private sale in which case I suppose it must be allowed. But he is registered as a business seller.
Since you have decided to contact trading standards regarding anyway this I would printout the page and point out to them it say New and as-new and only gives you 3 months warranty.
I must say though that even should this be a problem the fact remains that you do not have enough dead pixels to class it as faulty so I have no idea what the result would be.
Good luck.

  Forum Editor 16:59 22 Apr 2006

current consumer law you are entitled to return the item for a full refund within seven days of the date of delivery - you don't have to give a reason.

Why don't you do that? Presumably you didn't buy the monitor at auction?

  george 17:20 22 Apr 2006

It was at auction with only one other bid made. If I send back the monitor the company keeps the ebay fees (+their postage) and I have to pay postage, twice. Not the best of deals but well worth considering.
The item is classed a new and I will ask why there is not a guarantee with it, after all the are a company and do charge VAT on their sales.
What is actually meant by a "full" refund?


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