Modern laptops and their cases.

  [DELETED] 23:45 30 Nov 2018

In these times of Microsoft's Windows 10 having bi-annual feature updates and the times of the old 5400 RPM spinners numbered, why do manufacturers insist on having a whole under case for them and leave no 'lid', for want of a better word,for access to drive, ram and Wlan card? Two screwable lids for compartments for access to the above would cost what per unit?

I must say that my latest HP laptop I upgraded the drive was 'relatively' straight forward. Made a few tiny and frustrating mistakes, but got there in the end. Took a hundred times longer than if I could access each hardware via a lid.

Save pennies and lose customers I suppose. Be different to Apple please......

  alanrwood 10:44 01 Dec 2018

Maybe part of the reason is that laptops are getting thinner and thinner thus the case itself vis becoming thinner and as such putting cut outs in it would reduce its structural strength. Just a thought.

  john bunyan 13:31 01 Dec 2018


I quite agree. My newish Dell XPS is like you say; even a battery replacement would be very difficult. There is a micro SD slot in which I have a 128gig micro SD so why couldn’t the main 500 gig SSD be removable, like a CD was in the days of CD drives? Similarly the cmos battery should sit in a slot.

  Menzie 14:56 01 Dec 2018

Simple; manufacturers don't want you going in there. They want it so that only they and authorised repairers can go in and make changes.

Look at cars, my 2017 vehicle requires removing the headlight assembly. This involves removal of the grill just to change a headlamp bulb. My previous vehicle from the same manufacturer just required a simple twist and a cable with the bulb attached was in hand.

  [DELETED] 15:18 01 Dec 2018

alanrwood that could be a valid reason. I suppose it's to do with portability/ weight. I use mine as desktop alternatives and would at least like the choice to have easy access to hardware or not. Expensive gaming machines still offer easy access I think but out of my price range.

  HondaMan 11:57 02 Dec 2018

Prevention of unauthorised access and thinness and weight are all valid reasons, look at the latest MacBook Pro with only 4 usb-c ports and an earphone socket. Not even a micro-sd or HDMI slot. It all means that we have to carry additional kit, leads, usb hub, cd-drive etc. I much prefer a good solid machine with built-in "extras".

  HondaMan 10:43 15 Dec 2018

What happened to ARSO's post?

  wee eddie 12:54 15 Dec 2018

ARSO was pedalling Spam

  alanrwood 14:19 15 Dec 2018

Yes that is one problem with this forum set up. If the FE removes a post the reference to it as the latest post is not changed.

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