Modems USB or PCI

  MOTIVE37 10:32 09 Jul 2004

What if any are the advantages of a USB 56k Modem over a normal PCI ?

  Curio 14:59 09 Jul 2004

You don't have to take the lid off the box to fit it. You lose a USB port if permanently connected

  Gongoozler 15:30 09 Jul 2004

USB are easiest to install, PCI are inside the box and so don't take up any desk space.

  james55 00:47 10 Jul 2004


I havn't tried a 56k modem with USB, but having used it with broadband it is easy for me to remove and plug in to my laptop for updating NAV etc.


  wee eddie 11:19 10 Jul 2004

Sorry MOTIVE37 don't wish to hi-jack your thread.

james55 - Using your USB Modem on Broadband. Can you use either the PC or the Laptop with no major configuration problems?

  chugby 21:28 10 Jul 2004

if you are running AMD with Via/SIS motherboard
you may run into power problems with a USB modem
click here

  chugby 21:31 10 Jul 2004

...this thread may also be of interest
click here

  MOTIVE37 10:04 12 Jul 2004

Sorry I didnt reply sooner but Ive been away this weekend.

The question wasnt really to do with installation, but with actuall reliablillity of connection speed etc , but thats now been answered. Thanks to you all.

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