Mobo Upgrade

  dodsey 10:20 08 Jan 2008

I'm looking to upgrade my MoBo and have narrowed it down to 1.

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Does anyone have this and know if it will work with my ATI Radeon X1600. I know it will take it as its PCI-E, but im wondering if it will hold an ATI Graphics card, even though it has a GForce chipset?
And also does anyone know if it will support Windows ista, it should, but im just checking?

Cheers for any replies in advance.

  gudgulf 11:42 08 Jan 2008

First comment is that the specification in your link is incorrect.

The Asus A8V-VM SE motherboard has a VIA chipset.

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This probably doesn't make a difference to your choice.......but as a general comment,particularly since you mention Vista.It will certainly be ok with the X1600.

I personally didn't find my VIA chipsetted motherboard ran very well with Vista.The latest available VIA chipset driver package contains mainly older drivers that pre-date Vista by a number of years.They are not thetefore optimised with Viata in mind (but do work).

Other comments are that you are going to be severely restricted by the Socket 939 as to the best cpu you can use,and same goes for the DDR memory.

Vista really needs a fast dual core cpu and 2GB of RAM to work at its best.Few cpus are availablr fot Socket 939 and DDR memory is generally significantly more expensive than DDR2.

If you are wanting to go with Vista you are probably better looking at a more extensive upgrade.

However you don't say why you are upgrading the motherboard.

Can you give us a few more details of the reason for your transferring existing components to the new mobo?

If so what components?

  dodsey 16:01 09 Jan 2008

Its not that i want an upgrade or anything, its just that im unsure weather my MoBo supports Vista or not, iv sent numerous emails to Foxconn regarding this subject with no replies atall. I have a Foxconn WinFast 761GXK8MB MoBo.

I already have a dual core CPU and have over 2GB Ram. I have ran windows vista before with these components, but my MoBo broke and i replaced it with this one (Foxconn WinFast 761GXK8MB). I can't get Vista running again, so obviously its the MoBo at fault. Does anyone know if the Foxconn WinFast 761GXK8MB MoBo supports Vista.

  gudgulf 21:56 09 Jan 2008

There seem to be a lot of people with the same problem with Vista and the Sis 761 chipset.

Furthermore I can't find any Vista drivers listed for it on the SiS website.

Don't know if the top motherboard on this page is of any interest to you click here

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It is Vista Premium certified and the Nvidia 430 chipset definitely does have drivers for it.

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