Moblile Phones - PIN No & PUK code.

  [email protected] 07:32 14 Aug 2005

Slightly off computer subject (but they are smart phones I suppose).

I'm in the process of selling my old mobile phone & buying a second hand mobile phone.

Which, if any, codes should I be passing on to the new owner (& of course should I be getting with the phone I'm buying).

The 2 codes that came with my mobile when new are:

- PIN No (4 Digits)

- PUK code (8 Digits)

Cheers for any advice.

  [email protected] 09:55 14 Aug 2005


Phones are being bought / sold without sim cards.

  bremner 10:36 14 Aug 2005

The PIN number can be set/unset and changed by the user.

The PUK code is unique to the phone.

I would remove the PIN number and give the buyer the PUK

  Pooke 11:18 14 Aug 2005

"without sim cards"

pin code and puk code are sim card related!

Without the sim card there's no point in knowing how to unlock it. There should be a security code in the handset, if it's nokia, the security code is default to 12345 or something similar.

I think motorola's is defaulted to 00000000.


  Pooke 11:26 14 Aug 2005

On the sim card if you enter the wrong pin 3 times it comes up sim blocked. You can then enter the PUK code to override this and enter a new pin. If you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times then the SIM is rendered permanently blocked and therefore a new sim would have to be bought. These codes are nothing to do with the mobile phone itself and would refer to the sim card you recieved with your phone.

The phone should have a security code of it's own, as said above, this provides additional security for the handset.


  bremner 11:52 14 Aug 2005

You are of course correct - I did not see that the phones were being passed on without SIM cards.

  [email protected] 18:21 14 Aug 2005

Cheers chaps - I'll keep the PIN & PUK with the Sim card.

Thanks for the advice

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