Mobile Phone Tarrifs

  tbh72 01:43 19 Feb 2003

Am I just seeing thing's or have mobile phone tarrifs all increased in cost by about £10 / month since I last signed up for one.... Has this got something to do with the fact they are being forced to charge less for calls!!!!

No more upgrades for me, not until the line rental comes back down to what I'm used to paying!!!

And did you know I can connect my phone to my computer...... Well, this is a computer forum!!!

  mcullum_DX4Life 02:17 19 Feb 2003

why, when did you last sign for one?

  tbh72 02:22 19 Feb 2003

About 12 month's ago, hence the fact I've just started looking. I am on the Voda 200 paying 13.99 Inc. It's now priced at £25.00 Inc. According to my calculator that's an extra £132.12 per annum, How can they get away with that!!! Sheesh, robbery

There has been a general trend for Mobile tariffs to come DOWN in price recently and OFTEL have enforced this rigorously. However, I am not surprised that you have failed to notice the drop.

The reason being that rather than simply saying that the particular tariff is now £15.00 instead of £25.00, the "original" tarrif has been dropped and replaced with a new one that has more "Value". Such value could be more inclusive minutes, cross network calls, or a host of other things such as text messages or the like.

True, your "Original" tarriff may still be available TO YOU under your contract but not to a new subscription and the idea is to get people onto the new contracts by either upgrading the phones or taking out a new contract.

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:21 19 Feb 2003

I'm paying less now than when I first had a phone 3 years ago. Yes teh tarrif may be different but so are my needs. Changed from Everyday 50 (50p a day/ £15 a month) to T-Mobiles everytime 750 at £13.99 per month, and that includes 50 free texts a month (which alone is worth a fiver!)

Orange admit they are aiming themselves at the high use market (people who spend £200 a month on their mobile) but T-mobile and others still have good value tarrifs.

  Revo 09:03 19 Feb 2003

The best deal i got was when i didnt need to buy a new phone, i just paid for the sim card, i did this a couple of years ago, and paid for the sim card in advance, i think it only cost me £60 for the year, plus calls, but as i didnt use the phone much, i hardly went over the included call allowance.

If you can do without the flashest phone going the sim only deals tend to work out the best (check the back of exchange and mart) as you dont have to pay the cost of subsidising a phone.


  darkjedimistress 11:26 19 Feb 2003

Just renewed mine and just bought the Sim only. £15 a month, 500free txt messages and 500free offpeak minutes and 50 offpeak anynetwork minutes to! I got this from the O2 website, order online and you get the deal on the txt messages!!!

Previously with vodafone, paying £20 a month, only got 50txt and 500 offpeak mins.

Of course the Nokia 3330 I have was bought on the vodafone contract and therefore subsidised! I was making £30 extra worth of txts a month so this will save me a packet!

  tbh72 12:12 19 Feb 2003

They have changed my existing tarrif by including 50 "Free" Text message, but they are hardly free when the annual charge has increased by 132.12

  Djohn 12:35 19 Feb 2003

My contract with Vodafone ended in Jan. of this year, I was offered several different ones to stay with them. (I am a low user).

Settled for a one off payment of £32-00 for the year, no line rental fee. 500 free min. and £1-00 per month for statement. Peak calls are 40p per min but as I say, don't use a lot, so I think a good deal. J.

  tbh72 12:42 19 Feb 2003

The offpeak tarrifs are still very reasonably priced, infact I would say the pricing on these tarrifs hasn't changed significantly. You will notice the changes on the "Anytime" tarrifs.

It also wouldn't be fair to include the Cross Network tarrifs in my statement either, as these are relatively new.

I have managed to find a DEAL. If I can pull it off I'll post all the details incase any others are interested.

  MadJacky 12:58 19 Feb 2003

I consider I've got a reasonably good pay monthly package.. I opted for a line advance sim card only deal, as I'd already got my nokia 3330 (ex PAYG & unlocked). The sim card cost me £29.99 for the years up front line rental with a mandatory £1.77 monthly billing fee.I also get 30 mins of inclusive anytime landline calls included.My call tariff is 10p a minute for Standard Local/National landlines and other O2/BT Cellnet mobiles.So far I've never paid more than £13.00 a month for a fone bill!!!..which ain't bad as I was averaging £20.00 a month on the old PAYG.
Heres a link to the site where I bought from..have a dekko.

click here

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